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Floyd Landis Makes 48 Mountain Bikers Happy

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 While waiting for news of his fate, after a very strange hearing including threats, firings, secrets unveiled, and lots more mental gymnastics, Floyd Landis made his way back on the bike in Vail, Colorado for a mountain bike race. He made 48 people very happy by placing 49th. Imagine finishing ahead of the "then current" Tour de France champion in any kind of bike race!

The best piece I found about the day was in the article, A Ride With Pros, by David L'Heureux. Here's a nice sentence, and I can see the smartygrin that would go with it:

When we asked Floyd if he was excited for the race right before the start, he responded with a very quick no, and a smile.

While praising the Teva Games and pointing out why they're great for allowing rec riders to join in with the pros, L'Heureux describes Landis' day, and his, thus:

The highly motivated field of America's best pro male and female mountain bikers quite simply put the hurt on Floyd. And I had a front row view - from behind of course....I felt extremely out of place until I settled in to the tail end of the train with five or six other riders who were, similarly, riding in a race they had no business being in.

This brings to me memories of the Athens Twilight Criterium Inline Skate Race years ago where I was convinced by an ill-informed but enthusiastic posting about how even rec skaters should join in. Ha! I had fun getting the crowd to cheer for "old guy" as I called myself, but would rather have had a pizza. It would have cost a fourth as much and would have lasted four times as long, since we were expected to drop out after being lapped. But it was fun to see real skaters zip by in an evening blur.

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