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The Floyd Landis Saga Continues...

skatey-mark's picture

Just when you thought it was all over... 




Floyd Landis is back, this time taking his case to the US courts.  The article points our that this is probably pointless, since the CAS (Court of Arbitration for Sport) is a Swiss body...  As far as I know, our courts don't have any jurisdiction there...  Not yet, anyway...  ;-)


One issue is the fine that the CAS imposed on Landis ($100,000) that he must pay before he can race again.  (His suspension is up in January.)  Still, I think he'll need to go to the Swiss Courts to make his case eventually...


- SM - 


US District Court
312 N Spring St
Los Angeles, California
United States
34° 3' 18.234" N, 118° 14' 32.9928" W


eebee's picture

Thanks for the link

Thanks for the link, Skatey-Mark. I don't read any cycling news for the most part so I appreciate your updates on Floyd.
roadskater's picture

Landis Case Sad Either Way

I still have to say there is no compelling explanation for the findings of the lab. (Meaning, I still see no reason to think synthetic testosterone was accidentally in his blood or placed into his blood samples, but I'm no expert, and I don't think the Tour de France would have wanted this outcome.) The problem is, I'll never know. But in the USA we are so fond of "reasonable doubt." Either way, what he did in the Tour de France was amazing and exciting, even if it turns out it likely involved cheating. I guess he has missed his 30 days to appeal in the Swiss court (?) having lost the "new trial" in New York and the first arbitration in California. This new move seems to me to be more about addressing the fans, and perhaps sponsors, and trying to get out of paying the $100,000 before being able to race again. I agree with one thing...that $100,000 seems like a very "round" figure to represent actual expenses for anything. He also perhaps is making some good points about the insider buddy system where these same people take different roles on different occasions, all as a way of making some good money (while perhaps passionately believing in what they're doing as well). I fear it'll always be a tainted and amazing victory marked by his daring descents and the disbelief of the languid (and bittersweet, as it turns out) peloton, most notably the teams who could have marked him but did not. No matter what, I feel sad for Landis, and for the sport...just a different sad depending on what I think is true at the time. But I did learn as a tike in football that cheaters do win and they're often pretty smug about it. I learned it again with a lead off third base when I knew there was a balk in progress (first baseman hiding the ball while pitcher on the rubber as if to pitch) but it didn't matter about the rule book or what I knew about the Little League rule book, knowing more than the ump who just wanted to make a few bucks and go drink with some buddies instead of being home alone or worse. Ahh, sports! The great teacher! Thanks for the note. While being pro USA, I'd like to say yay Levi for 2nd in the Vuelta and yay Zabriske for medaling in the world championships time trial. Related stories, including recently some about Armstrong's own testing in 1999... http://roadskater.net/aggregator/sources/14 Armstrong...for the suspicious, note the url... http://english.aljazeera.net/sport/2008/10/2008102103346231859.html Zabriske... http://news.google.com/news/url?sa=T&ct=us/5-0&fd=R&url=http://sports.es... Leipheimer... http://news.google.com/news/url?sa=T&ct=us/9-0&fd=R&url=http://www.sltri...

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