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Ford CEO is a rollerblading inline skater

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Ford (motor company) CEO mentions rollerblading in a story on current challenges and changes for the company. He also gets in a plug for the Escape Hybrid (serial number 1) and for grocery store where he shops. Other days he drives his Mustang convertible (serial number 1 of that series), or other Fords. It's a tough job but you gotta test the product, right? Hope he tests those with very high and insignificant serial numbers secretly too...the ones the entire factory didn't know were number 1.

Good luck to all US auto makers! Are you listening? Good luck really. But listen. Quality is Job One! To see if you're doing that, see the Consumer Reports annual car buyer's guide issue and look at the car owner survey that covers the last ten years. Every time I buy a used car (or were I to buy another new one) I check that.

Some of us feel cars have gotten too heavy (or heavy once again, after the first lesson by the Japanese) and too wide for us to skate beside! :o) It's only some of us and we're not a very powerful group, except in the legs.

I think the President bailed on the planned auto industry summit to talk immigration, but from the article... 

In the wide-ranging interview, Ford endorsed [an]...administration call to reform and increase fuel economy standards for passenger cars, said [the President's] recent call for the industry to make "relevant" cars stung, and said Detroit's automakers were in stronger agreement on key issues in Washington than ever before.

Passenger Cars: But "passenger cars" does not include SUVs, legally, right? And they're not subject to the same laws as "passenger cars?" And big red trucks never gotten dirty, dinged or muddy and not licensed for use on a farm or for commercial use should maybe be part of "passenger cars" too, right? Then, go meet the fleet standards, and you might force yourself (by using rules, like sonnet-makers and haiku-masters do) to make creative, nimble, efficient SUV (even) that might be a hit if built well. But I don't know what the masses want, or when I do, I'm usually shocked at how different I am in many things.

Hybrids: My Prizm is not a hybrid. It's a small, lightweight, 4-cylinder car (it's lighter so it doesn't need as much power for me) gets 40 mph real actual highway miles per gallon. I heard on NPR I think it was that hybrids are not even doing that well (even those not made in the USA). My old 1979 Fiat Spider 2000 was still getting 25 mpg around town in the 90s and it had a bit of pep, and a weber carb.

Let's hope the USA can keep some manufacturing! We'll need it if we ever are invaded by another army for real.



PS Did I say good luck? I mean it. I'm pulling for you guys to make something I would buy after reading the Consumer Reports car owner survey!

Bill Ford vows to revive automaker's profits by '08
DetNews.com, MI - 1 hour ago
... Ford also touched on his personal and family life in Ann Arbor during the interview, from rollerblading in Gallup Park to blow off steam after an especially ...


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