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Max speed (GPS or cyclist verified), and max speed stories

Yesterday on the Cup N Cone ride here in the Cary, NC area, me, Mark, and Mike went down the infamous "Lystra" road and hit above 50mph (my gps said 51.2mph, Marks 53.1).  I think that was the fastest verified speed I have ever done on skates that I can remember. Mark was out in front and handled it very well considering we had to pass a cyclist going 44mph.

Just wondering what other skaters have as far as "max speed", fun stories, and any ideas for safety.  Also, is there a speed at which skating equipment

Help! I Need an Inline Skate Shop Location and Recommendation Near Schaumburg, IL (Chicago)

My name is Mike.  I am living in Schaumburg, IL, USA. I am just in a northwest suburb of downtown Chicago.
I am new here in the forum and at roadskater.net.
I am trying to find a shop or store where they sell inline speed skates, such as Bont Semi or Luigino or Powerslide.
Can anyone help me?  I would like to know about the location of the store or shop near my place or in Chicago Downtown.
Thank you for all your help.


Schaumburg, Illinois 60173
United States
42° 2' 48.3504" N, 88° 2' 45.9204" W
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Inline Skating Hill-Training Progression

To follow up on my previous post, earlier in the summer, after I had started my hill training for T2T and A2A (Tour de Kale and Tour de Lions too, for that matter!), here are my conclusions about how I should expect my hill training to progress, based on training, performance and perception this year.


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Any paved/skate trails in Spartanburg/Gaffney/Greenville areas?

Does anybody know of any? I tried sctrails.net, which is very informative, just very inconsistent regarding info on whether the trails are actually paved or not. I also tried many, many other places-to-skate type websites, SC trail websites etc. So now I'm specifically asking for anything anybody out there actually either GOES to or KNOWS about regarding places to skate in or near Gaffney, Spartanburg or Greenville - i.e. a really long, paved trail, or skater-friendly roadroute.
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If you need energizing, watch this video!

(Thanks to SkaterX for posting the link on Inline NC) 

Other than the boring cycling stuff during the first 70 seconds, this Korean Inline Speedskating Team (WISS?) video gets me jumping out of my seat and wanting to skate (fast!):

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Skate Weights

Jack was planning to bring his scale to Country Park but forgot it. So last night I weighed my skates on my postal scale. 2 lb 10 oz (1.19 kg according to Google) apiece, all included: Hyper Hy-Velocity boot, Mogema M55 frame, 5 80mm Explore Elite wheels. Anyone else?

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Belle Isle Marathon - with a time limit!!!!

So Detroit is hosting it's first ever Inline marathon - on a traffic free island named Belle Isle, on May 27th. I have so far only skated twice this year, DIY has been calling as we get ready to sell our house, and there is a 2 hour time limit.
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