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sQAte.com Q&A

This is a forum for skating question & answers, technique and equipment.
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This is sQAte.com and yes that's how to spell it! Skate Questions, Answers, Technique and Equipment. Here's the place to learn and teach about any kind of skating! Beginners and those just thinking about skating, PLEASE ask questions here. And of course highly technical questions on advanced skating topics are welcome here too.

Looking for replacement axles

Hi everyone, I've been looking for replacement axles for my old Ultimate Attitude frame, but seems like I couldn't find this brand from most of skate shops anymore. What happened to Ultimate... Did they go out of business or something? Does anyone know where I can get those axles? They don't have to be Ultimate brand, as long as they fit on my frame. Please advise. Thanks.

My Bont Jet Adventure (Inline Skating Speedskating Boots, Skate Brakes, Stopping, Frame Placement)

I have had my Bont Jet skates for a couple of months now. It’s time to say a few words about them...

First off, a little bit about my skating background and my goals for my new skates. I have been a recreational inline skater for ~15 years and my trusty skates for the last 12 years have been Rollerblade Spiritblades. I decided to get new skates in order to go much longer distances (thus getting more exercise!), hopefully well into 20-30 mile range several times a week.

My journey did not lead directly to the Bont Jet.

Another newbie here - need advice on skating on quads, especially outdoors

Hi!  I'm brand new here.  I found this site by doing a search on Yahoo for skating advice.

I'm 35 years old, and getting back into skating after 25 years.  For the most part, I use quads (indoors and outdoors), although I've tried inlines as well.  There's a couple of issues I'm concerned with, and hopefully someone can give me some insight and advice:

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Skate '08: How are you Going to Spend your 600 Repetitions?

Andrewinnc brought up an interesting approach to skate (or anything) training, in his article "Winter and Skating Technique". He had read about a theory that it takes 600 repetitions of a movement for the muscles to learn it. Assuming that also means 'for the brain to learn it', I wanted to apply this technique and take it a step further....

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Double Push Video

I just watched a video of a skater on a skatemill. What a lot of expensive fun! He can even see himself on the tv and check his technique.

This fella probably wasn't even trying and he makes it look easy. Great side-view and back-view for the purpose of pausing the clip where you need it, for many an ahah-moment.

Noob to Skating: Any Advice for New (Beginner) or Intermediate Inline Skaters?

Hello all, I'm new to skating and am looking for advice on how to become better at it--right now I only skate in rinks because I need walls to stop.  :P  Any advice or suggestions would be helpful, including where I should be posting questions like this.  Thanks!
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Where to buy Inline Skate Speed Wheels?

Where have you bought inline speedskate wheels and had positive transactions, i.e., no major goofs such as 6 weeks shipping, lousy wheels, or zero contact from the sellers?
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Questions 165 &195: On Inexpensive Options for Inline Speed Skates (Boots & Frames)

I'm in search of something almost impossible: $200ish boots that are fully heat moldable and somewhat similar to my trusty V-Teks. I have been watching eBay to not much avail and am considering new old stock somewhere else. I have questions in this regard. I am currently a slow speed long distance skater.
  • Has anyone here skated the 2006 Verducci "Red" or Verducci "Black" boots with 165mm spacing?
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You Have Comfy Old Skates: Would you Still Buy a Newer, Prettier Pair?

If your old or present boots feel as comfy as a memory-foam mattress, would you still (or have you ever) shell(ed) out $500+ for a new pair, because you like how they look?

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Basic Recreational (Rec) and Fitness Inline Skate Brands (Rollerblades)

Melanie recently asked on InlineNC yahoogroup. I think:
  • K2 inline skates (rollerblades) are a great option,
  • probably bigger wheels (90 or 100) for smoother roll over rough stuff, and/or
  • a longer frame for point to point roadskating, or
  • for tricks of course, shorter frame length makes arcs and spins easier.
  • Salomon makes great inline skates and has seemed to support them well, but there were some frames a few years back with problems and I think the company has been sold so it may be wait and see time.
  • Rollerblade is making some interesting inline skates but I note they still liked heavy kits when last I looked. The Problade boot looks pretty good if you get the kit with the box frame that's Mogema-ish rather than the earlier, thinner model we've seen bashed.

Those are my quick thoughts on that. i'll post this to rsn2 also.

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Inline Speedskates: Boots, models, fit?

After spending time with other skaters in speed boots lately, I have been feeling very fortunate to have a favorable foot-to-boot relationship! I spent probably 3-4 years putting my ankle bones through agony, purely so that I could skate in speed boots as opposed to rec boots (worth it!). So my feet have paid their dues and done their time.

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