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Frankfurt Man Sets Backward-Skating World Record

timv's picture

Blake and I saw a little bit of this video clip as we were eating yummy pizza after skating on Tuesday evening. A man from Frankfurt gets into the Guinness Book of World Records by skating 208.4 km backwards in 24 hours.

It's pretty rare to see inline speed skating on a nationwide cable network (MSNBC) any time, and it's too bad that it takes a gimmick like this to get on. But he looks like a pretty decent skater and at least he was legitimately skating.


50° 6' 41.4432" N, 8° 40' 49.8216" E


eebee's picture

Backwards Record

This is cool, Timv. I hadn't heard about it so thanks for posting. I guess the kids didn't skate with him all through the night!
roadskater's picture

Exciting to See Skating on Television

Oh yeah this was exciting and no matter what mode, skating for distance, showing what could be done in terms of kilometers or miles, is supergreat. It's great when any skate event gets exposure, almost, but especially when it might represent the active transportation element, the thought that, yes, you can go lots of miles on those crazy things if you train for it. Excellent. Thanks for posting.

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