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Last night we watched Sketches of Frank Gehry (see http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0446784/), a nice little documentary about the architect who designed the Guggenheim in Bilbao, among many other twisted cool buildings. Some of the most fun was watching them take scissors to their models of buildings and mix bits about.

This reminded me a great deal of how George Lucas worked in the Star Wars movies, especially as more of the acting is being done digitally in the computers at the hands of animators rather than on film by human actors.  (See http://www.starwars.com/, the first three episodes of which we have been watching for the first time, specifically of late, Revenge of the Sith (http://imdb.com/title/tt0121766/).

The common idea with these creators, as described by them and their fellow creators, is coming in every day with that "I wonder what would happen if we..." attitude. Lucas in particular has pressed the storyboarding art (or his storyboard artists have) into digital 3D realms so the movie action can be spliced together crudely and pre-edited before sets are built (either digitally or on a soundstage) and crews are assembled. The documentary material on the Star Wars discs is great, and some of it is online. There's a nice doc vid in the Episode 3 section about the digital tape transfers and logging process for making dailies rapidly all in the digital realm.

Being otherwise educated and entertained, I missed the last third of the World Series game. So I wondered if I might find a bit of vid that would tell (albeit poorly) about the game.

I remembered seeing a download on http://snapfiles.com (which is the site I trust for freeware downloads most often) that TVU Player lets you see some broadcast and cable TV channels via broadband internet for free. I decided to download and install the player. You can find the most recent player at:


I scanned for viruses then installed and within minutes I was wasting time big time, watching channels from around the world, some more happily than others. At the time I tried it, there were 2 Fox, 2 NBC, CBS, CW, ABC, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN Asia, Deutsche Welle, Animal Planet, Nickelodeon and more, but some channels went on and off the list over time.

I watched the first bit of SportsCenter and was happy to get an all too brief overview of the game and to be reminded why that show annoys me and I am mostly better off without the noisy background of horn sections trying to make it all seem oh so Tonight Show Band exciting. There's no Tonight Show Band excitement in baseball! It's all slow dread with slices of sheer terror! That is of course the excitement, not staccato punches from the trumpets. Arrgh. Anyway I digress...

A clunky and sparse TV guide for some of the channels may be found here:


That's where I noticed that ESPN Asia was replaying World Series games along with other much less interesting material.

I note there are two NHL channels which may be of interest to some who can't get a viddy fix, and I tried but wasn't able to get a cricket match up for viewing, which I would very much like to be able to see.

I wonder if there may be some inline skating content on some of these channels from Asia? I hope so! Surely someone in South Korea broadcast the inline world championships?

Meanwhile, I did notice there are music channels, and some Hollywood movies in English audio with subtitles I couldn't read but which made me hungry for hot and sour soup. Along with that, add some European sports (the Italian sports channel had some soccer coverage) and news, and there should be some good timewasting material here indeed, for those who don't mind going out of their way a bit.

Please let me know what else you find. Maybe by next year's cycling season we'll have this figured out!



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