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Free Skate with Marcia Woodfield Greensboro NC

roadskater's picture

Marcia Woodfield came to town even without the workshop and we're going to meet at the downtown depot (Church St and Washington St, Greensboro) around 8:30am Saturday June 2 to do a no-drop social type skate around the neighborhoods and downtown. Slow bikes welcome. This might be about an hour to 90 minutes and it will be leisurely, say 10mph or so, maybe less if we stop and talk or look at stuff. Park in the lot that says they'll tow you on the northeast corner of this intersection if you feel brave enough. There won't be turn sheets so nobody will get dropped.

See this map for the location of the Greensboro Depot 

After that, we may stop by Panera on Lawndale Drive or something similar, then we'll end up at Greensboro Country Park for some laps. I'm not sure I'll be keeping up with her on all of these laps, but it's a loop so I can sit and weep or slog it out at loggerhead pace if I like. My best guess for the time would be 11am-ish but don't hold me to that.

Come into Orman Rd off of Lawndale Dr, go to the end of Orman, turn left, bear left into the parking lot...

See this map for the low (Orman) entrance to Greensboro Country Park 

We might make it up to Bur-Mil park on the greenway but I'm not sure. It'll depend on factors we can't predict even at this late date!

If you know me, you know there will be lunch involved in here somewhere. We'll see if Marcia has any preferences and go from there. 

After lunch I don't know what we'll do but probably by 2pm-ish or 3pm-ish we'll be taking off to get her back to the non-skateworld, so join us if you can while you can!

Did I hear you say, "Late notice!"? Well you can only announce once you've decided!




andrewinnc's picture

Marcia was great

Having looked forward to the clinic, I was disappointed to see that there weren't enough people that could make it this Saturday to keep the date. When I saw my email this morning that Marcia was still going to do a skate I was excited. You missed a great learning experience and some fun skating.

Marcia is an excellent skater, I can see why she is ranked so high. Keeping up with her is impossible for rookies like us. She was very easy to talk to, had a lot of advice, gave us some tips and showed us a few drills to improve our skills.

Kudos to Blake for sharing his skate with Marcia today, I will be thinking about it a lot in the coming months as I practice the drills Marcia taught us. A big thank you to Marcia for taking the time to come out and skate with us.

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