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Free(*) Skating Workshop in Raleigh, NC -- March 24, 2007

skatey-mark's picture

I've been cooking this up for a little while now and want to make the announcement even though the website isn't quite polished yet....

I will be teaching a skating workshop in Raleigh, NC the weekend of March 24, 2007.  This workshop is targetting beginner speedskaters and recreational/fitness skaters.  The workshop is part of my fundraising for Tour to Tanglewood, which benefits Multiple Sclerosis Society.

I am not charging anything for the workshop.  Instead, I am giving the workshop away as a "thank you" to anyone that donates money towards my fundraising effort.  I'm trying for VIBE status this year, which means I need to raise $1000.  Anyone that donates $60 will be invited to attend the workshop.

I also want to encourage people to sign up for TTT and to recruit others who have not done the event before.  So if you sign up for TTT, you can deduct $20 from your donation.  Also, for each person you recruit (up to 2) you can deduct $20 each.  So if you sign up for TTT and recruit 2 more people (that have never done TTT before) you would not need to make a donation in order to attend the workshop.  (Although you still can donate if you want to.)

The workshop will be held 2 weeks before the Eddy Matzger workshop in Greensboro, NC.  Mine will be a great "warm up" for Eddy's...  Especially for those who have never taken a workshop before.  If you can only do one or the other, then I'd recommend signing up for Eddy's -- it's more expensive, but it's so well done and so much fun you'll love it!

More details are at:  http://www.skatestrong.com/

Please consider attending, or making a contribution to MS Society even if you can't attend.  Thanks!

- SM -


eebee's picture

Excellent Idea

Teaching skating proficiency, roping in new skate-addicts, getting cash for those suffering with MS and then possibly some more...it's wonderful! Way to go.

roadskater's picture

Please Support SkateStrong, Mark and MS Research

SkateyMark this is awesome. I apologize for not being more helpful in the background on this when you asked for some help, and want everyone to know that you are the one who got this together without even much encouragement! It sounds really great and I'm very happy to hear you are hoping to VIBE this year for the Tour to Tanglewood to benefit the National Multiple Sclerosis Society research and treatment.


This will be a great warm-up for the Eddy Matzger Road Show inline skating workshop in Greensboro NC Apr 6-8 (we need some sign-ups to make this happen!), and a great way to know how much or how little we've done to prepare for 2007 roadskating as spring arrives!


Thanks again for all you do in public and in the background to help people who can't enjoy skating the way we do. And thanks for so much encouragement to me along the way too.

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