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Fresh Frozen Vegetables and Fruit

roadskater's picture
Hey I recently found some really good green beans that I reminded me of the ones we used to pick out of the garden and sometimes string a bit on the front porch. I found these at my WallOfChina-Mart (Wal-Mart) which is the "supersize" version. I liked how simply they were packaged and how they looked to me. I brought them home and cooked them and I say they're good. Your buds may differ, of course. And yes this is not as good as something someone else might be able to do with fresh this and that but it's good and if I don't add all the great stuff from my youth they should be pretty healthy. Here's how they look and the nutrition info... http://www.freshfrozenfoods.com/products/product.html#italian_green_beans Check out all the other stuff they have on the same page, some not too healthy, ha! I notice the Crowder peas have a good bit of protein in them. I like the mixes names after Mexican Districts. Mostly I like how they seem like they came out of the garden. I like the clear packaging, too. Check out the recipes... http://www.freshfrozenfoods.com/recipes/index.html http://www.freshfrozenfoods.com/recipes/cut_green_beans.html Hope you give these a try and like them. No, I'm not related in any way to the company. Just seems like good, no-nonsense, easy to fix, good value food.


Fresh Frozen Foods
1814 Washington Street
Jefferson , Georgia 30549
United States
Phone: (800) 277-9851
34° 8' 8.4336" N, 83° 35' 50.37" W


MikeB's picture

Frozen Fruit rocks for smoothies too

Santa can sometimes be pretty darn practical. This year he got me a B&D ice crushing blender. It's a little loud but crushes ice like Skatey-Mark crushed his A2A record. The instruction guide had the usual warnings: don't blend w/o top on; don't put utensils in blender when operating blender; don't put fingers in blender unless you want a new nickname -- Lefty. You know, all that stuff. But it did include some smoothie recipes and frozen fruit is perfect. Still working out the kinks on getting the smoothie through my camelbak strawtube, oh well. So I'm on this smoothie kick and "Santa" tells me the praktikalty of such a giff is to mix picthers of margritas so I'm giving that a whirl as bestest i can. Gess it does a good job there too.
roadskater's picture

I Guess You Never Hear of a Snow Pod Pea Smoothie

I'm sure someone's done vegetable smoothies. Come to think of it perhaps Carrot Juice sort of not really counts?
MikeB's picture

veggies huh? Why not?!

That's a great idea.  It's not like we get so much veggies in our diets that we couldn't stomach another serving.  I'll experiment + search out some recipes.
roadskater's picture

Yes Good Idea and Please Share the Recipes

Thanks, MikeB. Hope to see some good stuff soon. Also, what do you consider the least expensive, but worthy, smoothie maker, if you have an opinion.

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