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Friday Carpool Athens to Atlanta

Cat Brother's picture

OK, coming down to the wire - everyone got your Ziploc's packed?

I just got off the phone with the proprieter of Skate Escape - there isn't much parking around his place, and he was very clear to NOT leave stuff in your car there, as break-ins are frequent.

I'm staying in Athens, and offloading the stuff from my car late Friday afternoon. I'd like to do the Friday night stuff, but there's only a bus BACK to Athens, not a bus TO Atlanta. Is there anyone else in a similar situation, who'd like to carpool to Atlanta in time to catch the skate? I already paid for the bus back, so I'm flexible on the return.


roadskater's picture

You might want to post on a2a and aprr lists too

Hey Cat Brother. Yep if you were to park in ATL it'd be good to have an empty, unimpressive auto. Yep there's not much parking near Skate Escape. Another option would be a parking garage in a hotel or the public sort. You saw the note about the bus that goes from Athens, eh? Also you might want to go to a2a.net and join the mailing list there and maybe go to aprr.org and join the mailing list there, then post about the carpooling. Good luck! A2A is crazy in many ways, and on of them is logistics! I was up late looking at public transportation and whether I could make it work. Not really. Keep us posted on how it all goes!
roadskater's picture


InlineNC on Yahoogroups.com is an email sibling of Roadskater.net, so you're welcome to post there about A2A and other skatey stuff, including the search for a carpool Friday to Atlanta, and perhaps back to Athens Sunday night.

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