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Noob to Skating: Any Advice for New (Beginner) or Intermediate Inline Skaters?

Hello all, I'm new to skating and am looking for advice on how to become better at it--right now I only skate in rinks because I need walls to stop.  :P  Any advice or suggestions would be helpful, including where I should be posting questions like this.  Thanks!
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How to Post a Message on Roadskater.net

Someone asked how to post a message on Roadskater.net, so here's a brief explanation. Once you've registered for the site...all you have to do to post a message (questions, blogs about skating, or anything really) is sign in and look at the left column for 'create'. Hover your cursor over the grey arrow and go to 'blog' or 'forum topic'. Click on that and start typing! Look below for the 'submit' button, click it and you're done.

Happy A2A everyone :-)

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Roadskater.net Jersey Photo Mosaic Graphic for Your Inline Skate Boots, Frame, Helmet

I was looking for some trim for my skate frame and after so much time working on boots I decided just to make a photo mosaic of the three jerseys in skatesky, sunleaves and roadviolets. I wanted a flag-waving effect, so i took photos of the jerseys outside hanging vertically instead of smoothed out lying flat. The warping and imperfections were what I wanted, as repeated imperfections still have a pattern, but to me a more interesting one. These are the top-left edge versions, but I made some others that made full, even rows, too. Let me know via email if you want any of that.

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Rainy Berlin WIC Photo

What a great place for a finish line! With Berlin's Brandenburg Gate in the background, I'm assuming they're on Unter den Linden. Last time I was on that street there was a big, ugly wall cutting it in half - profanely colorful on one side (West) and stiflingly bland on the other (East). Good to see a previously fractured site now the setting for joyous play...or is it fierce battle? :-)

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NYC Skate Marathon 2007 - New York 100k Photos 2007: purple roadskater!

Ok I know it's silly, but I'm hungry for news & photos here, of this past weekend's NYC Skate Marathon & 100K. I was looking at Shaloheat's pics and see a purple roadskater.net at the start line, maybe Bethany, or Julie? Not sure who...

I heard Marcia got 3rd women's overall in the 100K! Go Marcia!

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Rolling in Randolph 50-Mile Route Map with Elevation, Plus Brief Review

Between working on skate boots and frames and work and sleep, I couldn't resist looking at the elevation profile for the Rolling in Randolph (NC) 50-mile skate (bike ride). There really were some steep hills! I may add some comments later, but for now, here's the link to the http://mapmyride.com map:


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Rolling in Randolph Review: 50-Mile Skate (Bike Ride)

This was a day of many firsts. The first time anyone has skated in Rolling in Randolph, at least I am pretty sure from the reaction we got from everyone, the first-time Roadskater was represented here, and 50 miles for myself. Blake and Elizabeth met me on a chilly morning as everyone was busy readying themselves for the skate/ride. Many bicyclist showed up for the event, some from as far away as Pittsboro and Charlotte, most of them to ride the century. That is quite an accomplishment on any kind of self-powered wheels. We made some new friends and everyone had a good time.

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Roadskater.net Tour to Tanglewood Team Gets Speedskateworld.com Skateylove

eebee pointed out that we got some more skateylove from Speedskateworld.com and they even lifted a photo of our team to show us off to their world. Peter Doucet does a great job of his own photos and videos, plus gathering links and creating content on his site, and he's surely a speedy skater too. I get lots of the same items in my news searches but Peter actually takes the time to write and share. Thanks!
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Roadskater.net Classic Inline Skating & Cycling Photos

This is a quick first hack at getting some 2007 photo links over to the new Roadskater.net from RSN Classic (rsn1.net). There will be much more later, and I won't even go into it all now. It's been "in the works" (meaning in my brain) for almost two years now. I don't want to do it until I can do it "right," and the way I want it to look.

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ZDF Inlinerdays 2007, Mainz, Germany - Backwards Skating 10K World Record set

Picking on the Germans again. They are doing a heck of a lot in Germany to promote skating. Thanks to Peter Doucet's http://www.speedskateworld.com/ for pointing me over to the latest WIC photos. The 30k speed race took place this past weekend at my old hang-out: Mainz, Germany.

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