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Frosty Bridge New Year's Eve Trail Skate Report 2007-2008

roadskater's picture

A trio of relatively hearty, definitely frosty souls showed up with no possible better place to be than skating at the new section of the greenway around 11:30 pm last night. We started out comparing LED and halogen light kits and other gear, then rolled gingerly along the trail into the dark night, after a few photos of course.

Once we reached the old train trestle (or bridge), it became clear that it was covered with frosty ice particles. At first it was not so slick, but after photo experiments on the bridge, our wheels perhaps had collected some of that frosting, and the restart was definitely slippery.

We made it down to the fishing pond on the trail from the workshop and tour prelude "cloverleaf" route, where there's a short sharp climb to the refurbished (destroyed) barn, and at that junction we turned about. On the way back to the trestle we saw rich (and as timv pointed out, perhaps illegal) fireworks displays over the lake to the northeast of us. Nice, expensive and very brief show, free for us to view.

Back at the cars, we readjusted ourselves and our gear for the short straightway to the current north end and local high point of the trail, paused a bit, and returned without effort other than braking back to the cars.

It was a nice time with great friends repeating and annual tradition almost without exception (and even in the exception year perhaps we skated but just after the stroke of midnight locally) for eight years or so.

Then we went for treats and coffee and good conversation, getting to bed way too late to make it up for the Polar Bear Ride, what with the wind and cool temps registering at wake up time.



Greensboro, North Carolina
United States
36° 10' 20.8092" N, 79° 52' 19.8732" W


timv's picture

Chilly but fun

Nice night skate, and it was good that none of us was wounded by any stray falling rounds that the Summerfield locals fired into the air. The new rail-to-trail pavement section is quite enjoyable. We have a new parking lot to use as gathering point now if we wish, plus another really nice lake bridge to work into the skate route. And there's enough connected pavement up north now that the hassles of the national park and the apartment complex should be less of an issue.
eebee's picture

Nice way to start off new year

I enjoyed the slippery bridge, and occasionally blinding myself with my new, small LED headlamp (nothing major, but better than nothing). Taking pictures of blackness was interesting too. Skating was fun in the dark on that desolate stretch of trail, but it wasn't until the feeling came back to my hands and feet at the Steak 'n' Shake afterwards that things were back in line again.

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