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Fundraising ideas!

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Blake suggested we post some successful fundraising ideas for new team members or old ones that want to raise more money!

Successful for us in MI this year (credit to Vivian for these):

- Garage sale in aid of MS

Various people donated things to sell and Vivian held a three day garage sale at her house - raised over $1000

- Bake Sales

Vivian held a dept. wide bake sale with loads of stuff (some donated by co-workers and neighbors) and raised over $400. On a smaller scale I bake cookies and brownies and asked for donations for them at my desk (sent an e-mail entitiled "I am skating 100 miles for MS, all you have to do is eat cookies!") and raised over $90.

Next year I would like to organise a spaghetti dinner - I saw this organised by a cyclist and think it is a great idea.

I think the overall moral is that people are very generous and offering them something (cookies) gives an easier way to ask for donations.

Please add your successful fundraising ideas.


roadskater's picture

Vivian's Secret to MS Tour to Taglewood Fundraising Success

I spoke with Vivian about her events, and one thing I learned which helps me feel more comfortable doing it, and gives people another chance to be generous is that she did NOT PUT A PRICE ON ITEMS.

Vivian's genius in the yard sale was NOT pricing anything. The neighborhood had a yard sale, and Vivian reports that people were haggling for pennies at the neighbors' sales but were gladly "overpaying" at hers. This is a great insight, and it also makes it MORE likely I will do this myself, because it is less work. I may feel the need to price some big ticket items, I'm not sure, or leave them out of the yard sale.

With the bake sale, Vivian reports that she also just put the items out and left a donations jar or some such with no recommended price.

I also had a bit of a revelation when I asked for donations in an email, mentioning that no amount was too small and that if the person wrote several small checks I could share them with other team members in need. I received an envelope from an uncle and aunt who wanted to share even from their small retirement, and they sent 3 checks of $5 each that I can give to other team members who are just $5 from their minimum or from the jersey level, for example.

Here in Greensboro I have heard some success stories from Brixx Pizza fundraisers, and I plan to look into details of that. I have had success in the past at requesting donations of "in-kind" items, such as Lucky 32 gift certificates that can be raffled or auctioned or sold for donations. In the past also, I have had contributions from places where skaters have eaten together, such as the Lawndale incarnation of Elizabeth's Pizza, the traditional skater's pizza place for post-Tuesday Night Skate 2-topping medium pizza specials.

Consider where you spend your money often, where they know your name, and just give them a chance. I've seen how Charles Brockington does it, and he has a small sheet that fits in an envelope, which he simply gives to the person. There is more to it than this, of course, as Charles helps people all year, gives them tomatoes from his garden, and does much more to make himself quite naturally endearing to others. Instead of letting them pay him back, he gives them a way to use him as the messenger of their goodwill to others who have multiple sclerosis. There's much to learn from his example.

I believe that Krissy, the youngster who has been out-fundraising our whole team for years and was top-ten again this year, at 16 or 17 years old, had a week-long day camp for the kids in her neighborhood. They all had fun and the parents gladly contributed! She also had a cookout where she had all the food donated by merchants, and those who attended gave as they saw fit, I believe.

Perhaps I can get some of these great fundraisers to come here online and share their ideas. It would help lots of people help others!

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