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Funny mis-translated cycling sign

skatey-mark's picture

Saw this posted today... :)


Road sign leaves Welsh-speakers bewildered


The article has a picture of the sign. Apparently, the Welsh version of the message says something like "bladder disease has returned".


- SM -


eebee's picture

More Silly News

That's funny. Now there's a use for that word "Rollerbladders" that pops up every once in a while on a forum somewhere.

I was reading about this year's Edinburgh (Fringe) Festival, with its various interpretations of Shakespeare, in an article called "Edinburgh Fringe: 101 Ways to Massacre Shakespeare", by Paul Majendie. The director, Paul Gudgin, narrowed down his all-time favorite to "A Midsummer Night's Disco -- Shakespeare on roller skates" (although I liked the sound of Hamlet in a bouncy castle the best).



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