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Garmin Forerunner 305 Heart Rate Monitor HRM Transmission Problems

I've been using a Garmin 305 for the last couple of months.  Whenever I place my hands behind my back the heart rate data is lost.  It seems odd that the chest unit can't transmit to the receiver on my wrist behind my back.  The rep at Garmin felt that my unit is ok.  Has anyone experienced a similar problem?


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Garmin FR305 - ANT Wireless HRM

I have logged 1600 miles and 143 hours without encountering any major issues with my Garmin Forerunner 305 HRM since receiving it last May. I skate with my hands behind my back with no problems. It also works fine when cycling and doing dryland workouts.

BTW - My data is at http://trail.motionbased.com/trail/network/digest/view.mb?digestUsername=profjb2000

I had some issues w/ gap in the HRM data that were caused by the moisture and electrolyte requirements at the contact points. I now keep electrolyte gel in my bag for the rare occasion that I have this problem again.

On two occasions, the HRM and main unit clearly had communication difficulty. The first occasion seemed to have been caused by close proximity to a fellow skater with a similar unit. I guessed that the wireless of two HRM units caused confusion, which was fixed with a quick re-synchronization.

The second occasion I was getting either no data or worse, obviously bad data. I had some heartrate spikes and drops for no apparent reason. Users on the motionbased site forum said to change the battery. Although it should have lasted for 250 hours. the battery change fixed the problem.

Good luck with your unit. Personal experience varies a lot judging by the forum posting at motionbased.

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I have not had that problem

I have not had that problem with the HR since I use a FR201 but have found variability unit to unit (as I have had two warranty replacements for battery issues) in whether the satelitte will work with my hands behind my back - the weak GPS signal warning.

There is a Garmin Yahoo group that is pretty good for help and advice - you might want to post your question there as well.

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Garmin 201 - not good

I've been using the 201 for a while now, and it's junk in my opinion... Now, take that with a grain of salt since I'm still using after a couple years now. (I forget when I got it.) My main gripes have been fixed -- buggy software & firmware that resulted in data loss and fairly incompetent customer service -- even when I got bumped up to the development manager. I haven't had those issues lately after upgrading the firmware for the nth time... But my feeling is the developers they have really don't know how to write good code.


I don't ever wear it on my wrist, so can't really comment about the gps reception. (I think I may have worn it a couple times, but don't remember exactly how it performed.) I *do* know that the most consistent reception I get is when it is just clipped to the strap of my camelbak. Not a good place if you have trouble reading up-close. But my eyesight is still good enough that I can read it while skating.


I will likely be upgrading to something that has GPS and HRM in one unit. Maybe the 305 or a newer model if one comes out. (Most likely, the new model will come out a week after I buy something!) I'd REALLY like Polar to get with the program and come out with GPS+HRM, but they seem to be completely clueless and don't see any value in it. (I've emailed them repeatedly over the years and have just been blown off each time.)


I haven't heard of any major bug reports with the Garmin 305, so that's probably the best option right now. Plus I guess buying Garmin means supporting a US company, as opposed to a European company with an attitude problem (Polar).


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