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Garmin Forerunner 305 Training Center & GPS Unit Updates, PDF Manual (Edge 305, 705, Forerunner 405)

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A recent discussion of calorie counting on the Garmin Forerunner 305 here...

...mentions updates to the firmware in the GPS unit. For convenience, here's a link to a page about the software (or firmware) updates available...

I gave the WebUpdater program a try and it worked out to be an easy way to update the firmware in the GPS.

My Forerunner 305, purchased over the 2007 holiday period, had version 2.7 "software," and it updated to 2.8 with no problems. The "GPS Chipset software" after the upgrade was 3.0 (I didn't notice what it had been before).

I don't think any of the updates will affect my Forerunner's calorie measurements. Perhaps this is not the update spoken of in the article, but I think it more likely that the original article was simply too optimistic about there being an update that would greatly improve the calorie estimates. I like so many other things about the Forerunner that I'm OK about the calories, but it is disappointing if they got this as wrong as it seems. Also, it'd be nice to have barometric readings, and for cyclists, the Edge 705 looks like it has just about everything, including a color screen, barometric altimeter, plus cadence and power readings.

I hope to have a comparison of the Polar 720i (700 and 800 series) barometric altimeter readings with the Forerunner 305 readings soon. I grabbed the data the other day at Country Park.

The manuals are up as PDF files too, by the way. Check it out if you'd like to see what the unit can do...

Here's a link to look at a comparison of the 305 and new 405 when it's available (looks like I like the 305 better overall despite/because of its size; the 405 loses some features and adds others)...

For educational reference purposes, I quote the update history of the previous and current updates of the unit software for the Forerunner 305 so far...

Changes from version 2.70 to version 2.80:

  • Fixed problem where unit could sometimes shutdown when setting up a time and pace/speed quick workout.
  • Fixed problem where unit would shutdown when trying to configure data fields if language is set to Dutch or Hungarian.
  • Fixed problem where unit could shutdown when doing a course and scrolling through the timer pages if language is set to German.
  • Fixed problem with deleting history items based on time in certain time zones.
  • Fixed problem with displaying interval durations and repetitions data in history if the workout had warmup and cooldown steps.
  • Improved display of warnings when unit is out of storage for laps.
  • Improved quick workouts to allow distances greater than 40 miles or 64.37 km.
Changes from version 2.60 to version 2.70:
  • Updated translations.
  • Added Slovakian and Slovenian languages.
  • Fixed problem that would occasionally cause GPS Chipset version to go to 0.00 when updating from some computers.
  • Fixed problem where scheduled workouts could appear on the wrong day in some time zones.
  • Fixed problem where the select sport pop-up box would not go away if selecting the same sport as before.
  • Fixed problem where the zones type pop-up box on the heart rate zones setup page would not go away if selecting the same setting as before or pressing the mode key (Forerunner 305 only).
  • Fixed problem where the history for the current sport was sometimes not displayed correctly when creating a course.
  • Fixed problem where a quick workout could be created with a distance that exceeds the maximum allowed distance of 40 miles or 64.37 km.
Changes from version 2.50 to version 2.60:
  • Added support for New Leaf Fitness data (Forerunner 305 only).
  • Updated Daylight Saving Time for new start and end date in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Added new time zones for Mexico.
  • Improved too slow/low and too fast/high alarm tones to be more distinguishable.
  • Improved timing of alarm tones.
  • Added feature to alert user when they are back in the desired zone of a workout after being out of it.
  • Added feature to snooze alarms for three minutes or until the next step of a workout (whichever comes first) if the mode and enter keys are pressed simultaneously immediately after an alarm sounds.
  • Updated Auto Lap By Position so that when following a Course, laps are also triggered based on all lap positions from the original activity.
  • Improved handling of Courses containing an out and back segment or a loop.
  • Improved auto zoom on the Course elevation profile page to scale the y-axis along with the x-axis.
  • Changed compass page display to show distance and time to destination rather than to next.
  • Added quick selection of indoor mode (GPS off) by pressing and holding the mode button (Forerunner 205 only).
  • Fixed problem where communication with GSC10 sensor could stop after pausing for more than a few minutes in the middle of an activity (Forerunner 305 only).
  • Fixed problem with cadence (Forerunner 305 only) and pace/speed alerts sometimes not working correctly.
  • Fixed problem with calories being added incorrectly if viewing totals by week.
  • Fixed problem with paused distance not being calculated correctly.
  • Fixed problem where trackpoints might not be dropped correctly during an indoor workout if foot pod is enabled as an accessory but is not being used (Forerunner 305 only).
  • Fixed problem where advanced workout could be saved incorrectly after a step is deleted.
  • Fixed problem that could occur when viewing workouts by date if the workouts had long names.
  • Fixed problem where alarms might not sound correctly during an advanced workout step if the target low and high values for that step were transferred in backwards.
  • Fixed problem where workout steps that have a duration of 0 time or distance wouldn't end until the user pressed lap to go to the next step.
  • Fixed problem where unit could store incorrect stopwatch time if powered down while the timer was Auto Paused.
Changes from version 2.40 to version 2.50:
  • Improved instantaneous pace reading to be smoother and more accurate.
  • Improved high pace, low pace, workout step complete, time alert, and distance alert beeps.
  • Decreased frequency of pace alerts during workouts to give user more opportunity to adjust before the next alert.
  • Changed advanced workouts with a pace target to use average lap pace rather than instantaneous pace.
  • Improved vertical speed and grade accuracy.
  • Added feature to preview course map and course profile on the unit.
  • Improved Auto Scroll to allow fast, medium, and slow speed scrolling.
  • Added ability to update GPS firmware through WebUpdater.
  • Added support for foot pod accessory (Forerunner 305 only, not yet available).
  • Added quick selection of indoor mode (GPS off) by pressing and holding the mode button (Forerunner 305 only).
  • Added display of house icon on menu bar when using device indoors with GPS off (Forerunner 305 only).
  • Reduced extra calories added due to falsely detected elevation changes when running.
  • Modified calorie calculations for going up and down hills when biking.
  • Fixed problem where unit could lock up while displaying the map page during an activity.
  • Fixed problem where calorie count could be wrong after a lockup.
  • Fixed problem with repeatedly reporting On Course and Off Course on some Course tracks.
  • Fixed problem where previous Course could still be active after new Course download.
  • Fixed problem where Course could still be shown on the map after stopping the Course.
  • Fixed problem where max heart rate for a Course could be displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed problem where track log would not display in history if the timer was started without a GPS fix.
  • Fixed problem where today's scheduled workouts would not display if the local date was different than the UTC date.
  • Fixed problem where time and distance alerts could sound repeatedly after turning the unit off and back on.
  • Fixed problem where elevation data (such as total ascent and descent) could change while Auto Paused.
  • Fixed problem where distance could double when using a speed/cadence sensor.
  • Fixed problem where heart rate alarm could sound when heart rate monitor was not present.
  • Fixed problem where invalid heart rate could be shown in Training Center.
  • Updated translations.
Changes from version 2.30 to version 2.40:
  • Improved Courses to function off of location based logic. When doing a Course the user is now matched to a position along the Course based on location and heading. Allows users to join Courses at any point during their ride and have the Course synchronized to their position.
  • Changed to allow Autolap in Courses.
  • Show Compass page with guidance when doing a Course.
  • Add 'Distance to Next' and 'Time to Next' fields on the Compass page.
  • Fix problem where multiple cadence sensors not being stored off for separate bike profiles.
Changes from version 2.20 to version 2.30:
  • Improvements to heart rate smoothing (305 Only)
  • Added latitude/longitude & elevation to waypoint entry and review and editing
  • Added ability to find waypoints near current location
  • Added ability to delete all waypoints
  • Corrected behavior of distance & bearing to waypoint so they update every second
  • Nearest waypoints list resorts (if highlight is on first element in the list)
  • Added time & distance to turn to compass page during navigation
  • Allow autopause during courses and quick workouts
  • Added support for autolap during quick workouts
  • Improved interval workouts, allowing for warmup and cooldown laps
  • Corrected display of initial workout step banner, which would sometimes not appear long enough
  • Improved accuracy of 'Best Pace' configurable field
  • Added course point message banners that display while passing a course point
  • Improved plotting of course elevation profile
  • Autozoom the x-axis of course elevation profile based on distance away from virtual partner
  • Increased time that certain banners are visible (You Win, Workout Complete, Course Complete, & Virtual Partner Finished)
  • Corrected data entry for course name, limit to 15 characters
  • Corrected potential shutdown viewing virtual partner on the elevation profile
  • Corrected potential shutdown when ending a course
  • Corrected potential shutdown when selecting 'Stop Workout' from the main menu
  • Improved display of history data to allow viewing any sports history regardless of current sport
  • Allow viewing of hundredths of seconds from the lap history detail page
  • Prevented alert tones during interval workouts if tones have been turned off
  • Improved boundary handling when no additional workouts & courses can be added
  • Corrected display of the Auto Multisport setup if 10 or more activities are listed
  • Added ability to select elevation units separate from distance units
  • Laps of 60 seconds are now stated as '1:00' on the message banner
  • Corrected time & distance alerts, if set to once, they no longer repeat
  • Corrected lockup associated with starting, stopping, and restarting the timer while autopause enabled and no movement detected

See ya on the road!


Garmin International, Inc.
1200 East 151st Street
Olathe, Kansas 66062
United States
38° 51' 37.8396" N, 94° 46' 32.916" W

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