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Get Well APRR Chuck (Atlanta Inline Skater Hits the Road)

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Yo APRR Chuck. We heard you took a fall (via email) just as we were telling cyclists at the Hartwell Challenge of the Centuries to watch for you at Bike Ride Across Georgia (BRAG). Hope you are doing well. Tell us stories of the day if and when you are willing and able! Skateylove amigo and I hope those red high heels (the Bont Semis) are OK too! If you have the Geo coordinates of your fall (I KNOW you do, along with speed and heading) we'll put a pin on the map for your tumble as part of this article. Take care...roadskater


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"But that's impossible!"

It's funny how people sometimes are so closed to a concept that it just bounces right off them without even leaving a mark. I was talking to a young woman in the locker room at the Hartwell Challenge of the Centuries event this past weekend. Since it was a BRAG training event, she and many of the other cyclists are going to do BRAG in a few weeks. I told her to look out for a friend of ours who's going to do the entire thing on skates. Blank stare. Looks to floor. Thinks 'must've misunderstood - she has a weird English accent anyway...'. Thinking she probably didn't hear me, I reiterated 'skates', as in inline skates. The young lady cyclist gasped, spouted invisible words from bulging eyes, and in an echo around the bathroom finally yelled 'But that's IMPOSSIBLE!' (...ble...ble..ble)

Educating me further, she explained that I must not understand, you see a person can't just get up one day and decide to do BRAG. However, I had already gone through the whole A2A explanation: 87 miles in one day. I had already mentioned that we can skate 37+ 35 miles at Hartwell because we had a history of long distance training. So I replied that Chuck is an incredible skater, and that the BRAG mileage is not that far off what he would otherwise be doing at this time of year in preparation for A2A and other races.

I don't think she quite believed me.

This past weekend at Hartwell brought us many warm fuzzy comments from the cyclists, as we were the only skaters there. I'll post more about it later.

And Chuck, for heaven's sake, sorry to hear about your fall and injuries. Wishing you a speedy, but more importantly, complete recovery. Can you still do BRAG?

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I don't mean to BRAG I don't mean to boast, but I like hot butter on breakfast toast. Just a bustin' a little old school Sugar Hill Gang for ya. Really though, are you serious? Chuck can skate this BRAG event? Whoa. I can't imagine that. How is that even possible? It's mind boggling.
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Diet Derailleur

Dangit, Mike! You had to go and mention my diet derailer of choice - hot toast and butter. In checking the spelling of dérailleur I landed on the late Sheldon Brown's site, that Timv had mentioned a few months back.

Skating ridiculous mileage is not only possible, it's downright addictive, and I have a hunch you will find that out for yourself soon, MikeB!


Distance of BRAG not bad

as i've done it two times prior to this years.


However i did not get to skate as in i was on a table having my left hand surgically repaired.

 of course i hace Long/Lats  38*48'10.39"N / 84*14'15.90" W  right at the exit of 285 onto Church Rd on the A2A route.

 as you can see i can type now, somewhat and it does take me some time to compose a letter as in the spints type other keys for me as well.


maybe next year  fingers crossed, i'll be more determined just to shut up the nay-sayers.  (i say with a sly smirk but not mean spirited)

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Handy Typing, Other XP Utilities, GeoLocation, Map Pin, Pinless

Yay! Chuck types! If you can mouse and click you might want to use an on-screen keyboard (in Win XP it's at Start/All Programs/Accessories/Accessibility/On-Screen Keyboard) or some other software. Another neat thing I used last night was Autokey (and I have used programs, like TaskLog.exe, compiled from it as well). It let me set up a repetitive f2 paste cursor down to paste in a lot of geocoding values.

Regarding GeoLoc, I had to convert your 38 to 33 to get in the ballpark. Then the longitude seemed a bit off from your description so I just clicked on the map in the original article's edit screen to pin it as close as possible.

As of this writing, some script bug is not letting the map pins show (at least for me...anyone seeing them in the "Location" block when looking at an article that has a location set?). Later though, this will show up as a map pin in the Content Map too...

Does anyone see map pins in these?

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Long mileage is addictive

sorry about that toast/butter thing eebee - couldn't help myself. But I'm finding you're right. Just this last Monday I encouraged a hockey buddy of mine to put his inlines on and go for a skate. They were hockey skates so he was at a signficant disadvantage - but we rolled for 2.5 hours. I could tell he'd had enough - not me though. I tried to hook up with Mark S. to do more but just couldn't connect. ooh, and the downhill speed at one point was phenomenal. Not a Raleigh trail I'd recommend though - too many peds. Maybe I'll post an article about it.
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the whole team

That's great! Maybe the whole team'll want to try it, and once they decide they're done breaking bones, maybe you can convert them all to long distance inline speedskating :-).

Interesting - the hockey players probably have incredible cardio for an hour/game.


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Whole team? doubtful

How right you are, but I can't think of one guy that could skate the distances Chuck does (e.g. BRAG event).

Most hockey guys don't picture inline as a way to get or stay in shape, matter of fact most guys think of it only in terms of inline hockey, which they're against since it is so different than ice hockey and can actually mess up their ice game.

Long distance inline training would sure save some injuries though and really build the cardio - I've been lightly pushing it but will lean on them a little harder.

Trouble is that after a road skate - there's no locker room for the ususal locker room banter, showers and the cooler of beer.  :-)


so the surgeon was surprised to see that i'm all healed up. well i'm not!!! one bone in particular was surprising due to the fact it's supposed to be a slow growth bone due to poor circulation. i'm hoping all the walking and pacing i did improved it so it healed faster, well that and the extra icecream and cheeses that i ate to for calcium. So within a few hours i'm out on a trail back in the skates that tried to kill me and doing the speeds that ried to rip me apart, back on the horse as they say. 16 miles on day one and OWWWWWW! did i ever feel it. this weekend i'll tempt the fates with a skate right by the same spot, i'll wear the same clothes, ummmm plus wrist splint still for the left side, and as i pass the spot i'll flip it the bird just to show who's da man. the left hand is still very sore, i think it will be for a few more weeks but i'll wear the splint when it's sore or tired. thanks for all the wel wishes and keep an eye out for BRAG 2009 updates.

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