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UPDATE: SEP 3 2009. Classic TANGERINE sleeveLESS JERSEYS available while SUPERSWEET supplies last. MYSTERY COLOR JERSEY ORDERS CLOSED and the jerseys are in production and on schedule for hopeful delivery by the eve of Tour to Tanglewood. Mystery color will be a BRIGHT COLOR FOUND IN NATURE so we're visible on the road, mixed as below with lighter tones of the same color. I didn't buy EXTRAS so these are even more LIMITED EDITIONS of the ROADSKATER JERSEY. Thanks to all for their color blind faith! Remember there are a very few Tangerine sleeveLESS to grab. More... _____________________________________________________________________________ Let the Roadskater.net Jersey Freak-Out Begin If you pay shipping on MORE THAN ONE jersey and I end up shipping them all together, I can likely refund some of the shipping to you. The important thing is to e your commitment (size and sleeve style which is not fixed until payment and shortly after) and your questions to (without spaces): [e addr removed for now] site members may use the contact form to send me a message here via the contact form... http://roadskater.net/user/1/contact In general, I expect these jerseys to be slightly larger than the Sunlit Leaves and Iris editions, and about the same as the Tangerine edition. The Sky edition was slightly roomier too, I believe, but this could just be my copies, and due to washing (use cold) or (don't do it other than hang) drying. They size about like dri-this or active-that jerseys you find at discount and specialty stores but not the Under Armour stuff. EVERYONE WELCOME Everyone is welcome to order a Roadskater.net jersey, and nobody, even team members, is required to. No pressure. If there's not enough interest, we won't do it! ASAP OK, I'm sure it's not much surprise that we're on a very tight schedule. This year I have some pretty good excuses I guess. I'd like some idea of interest ASAP by email (or site members may use the contact form to send me a message here via the contact form... http://roadskater.net/user/1/contact ...and I'll have an order page up ASAP too, but I'm waiting to confirm the size chart. The mystery color jerseys will not ship before Tour to Tanglewood, and while I will do all I can to ensure they are here, something could happen to ruin that (but I don't think so as I'm likely to do all manner of things to not have that take place). FEELS GOOD LOOKS GOOD SKATES WELL Why get a Roadskater.net jersey? To distinctly visible as you share the road. Represent your sport in style as you skate or ride. Because it looks good on you, and feels good on you. The fabric is fab, the zipper is supersweet, and the colors are cool. And it spreads skateylove yes and says we're grateful to be skateful. ONLINE ORDERS Online order form will be up soon. Pay via Paypal without being a member, with secure online payment using credit card or check. Ordering online helps keep everything straight and lets us pay electronically. NEW LOWER PRICE FOR MYSTERY AND EXISTING JERSEYS $49 (plus shipping if you won't be at Tour to Tanglewood or Athens to Atlanta or don't have someone going there who can bring it to you...you can pay the actual shipping charges later if we don't work out a free solution.) The good news is we've earned a slightly lower price for our troubles last year, and I'll pass that along, applying the savings across all jerseys on hand and those to be made this year. That means if you prefer Tangerine (Pyrocantha/Firethorn) or Iris (Deep Violet), there is a good chance you can get one of those (see below). TEN WILL MAKE IT GO We need 10 more orders of each (sleeveLESS and SHORTsleeve) to make it go. If we have too few of one style you have the opportunity to indicate whether you would like to get the other style instead or none at all. All that will be in the options on the order form to come. If you could email me or use the contact form on the site to let me know your intentions, great. SAME MF'ER After working with the manufacturer to get last year's sleeveLESS jerseys altered, then discussing matters afterward, I've decided to stick with the same company for another year. We quite simply love the fabric, 19" supersweet zipper, finish work and durability of our previous jerseys, and despite the worry and upset last year, the Tangerine sleeveLESS jerseys turned out well. They also have changed their sleeveLESS pattern based on our input (we sent measurements from previous designs). So, in the interest of consistency and loyalty, I've decided to stay with them for another year. RAGLAN shortSLEEVE We've always used set-in sleeves (seam across the shoulders, T-shirt style), but for several reasons we're going to shift to raglan (seam circling under the arm from the neck) this year. Raglan is very popular and some of my favorite Tanglewood jerseys are this style. We did set-in sleeves originally so we could make sleeveless from the set-in, but to date, nobody has done that. So we'll try raglan. As you all know, I make as few changes as possible year to year, so the design will look as much like the old one as possible, except we may have something on the point of the shoulders as this is one of the benefits of a raglan design. More than anything else, I want us to look like a team, no matter what color the jersey, so I'll be sticking with the strongest visual cues and changing as little as possible. I wouldn't be buying 2 of each style of jerseys myself if I didn't think they'd be awesome. I'd just let it go and sell the Tangerines and Irises on hand. SLEEVEless v3.0 SleeveLESS will be available if we have enough orders. I plan to offer them based on my conversations with the mf'er, and the fact that I've been pleased with the sleeveless from last year after the alterations. The mf'er told me that based on our input, they have trimmed the shoulder piece so that it does not hang off of the shoulders. I've asked for photos but for now have not received those. I've talked with the guy who handled the alterations last year and I believe he really wants us to be extremely happy this year and going forward. I still have some sizing questions to get answered but we'll iron that out soon. Canada is on holiday Monday. For now, order DOWN a size if you are on the border between sizes. THE SAFEST THING TO DO IS ORDER BASED ON YOUR TANGERINE JERSEY IF YOU HAVE ONE. I believe the SHORTsleeve and sleeveLESS are a bit relaxed vis-a-vis previous years, but only by a half size or less. PREFERRED OR REQUIRED STYLE This year we need 12 of each kind to make an order. That means we may not have both sleeved and sleeveless. I need to know for each one you order if it is a PREFERENCE or REQUIREMENT to get that style. So if you order SHORTsleeve but will be glad to have sleeveLESS, please say so. If you order one of each, do you want only one if we do only one style? Make sense? It gets complicated quickly. BUILDING THE MYSTERY COLOR The mystery color will be a bright color from nature that will be highly visible when we're on the road. Some will hate it, and some will absolutely love it. It's not FM radio so we don't go for mediocrity, but it's not 12-tone music either, so we like strong beauty. If you get one and hate it I'll eventually find someone to buy it and give you your money back then (I wish I could make an even better offer, but alas, if I could, they'd be free anyway). IF YOU HATE MYSTERIES If you love that supersweet 19" zipper and skateyluscious hyperwicking softness on your skin, but you HATE the mystery color, grab some Tangerine sleeveLESS (10 available) or SHORTsleeved (1 available) or Iris (Deep Violet Purple) sleeveLESS (1 available) now. After several months of testing to be sure I feel OK about it, the TANGERINE (PYROCANTHA/FIRETHORN) sleeveLESS roadskater.net jerseys are now road-tested and roadskater approved. Last fall we had a go-round with the mf'er over what they delivered...a different sleeveless cut than before. As a result, I had to return a bunch for trimming and resewing. Because of this, I felt I should substitute SHORTsleeve jerseys to all I could who were here for the Tour to Tanglewood weekend, or until those ran out. When it all came down, my little break-even project was and is in the hole by around $600 so far. But we're not done yet! Because I traded SHORTsleeve for sleeveless for those who were here for Tour to Tanglewood last year, I still have 10 of the Tangerine jerseys left, recut and resewn with top quality. While not totally happy with the experience, I've been wearing Tangerine almost all the time this year until the last few days, and it looks and feels great. Some who tried them on chose down a size to make it a tighter fit, but I'm at the same size and it feels fine (please don't snicker that this means I'm even bigger than before). If you're on the border between sizes for the sleeveLESS, go DOWN a size, but only if on the cusp. Send me an email or use the contact form here to send one if the order form is not up and you want to put one of the Tangerines on hold. I can send you an email link to pay. $49 if no shipping required, and actual cost of shipping if we need to do that. Sizes in the order form are suggestions at this point, but I trust these numbers more than the ones I saw online on the sizing chart for the mf'er. I measured my chest at 42" and I'm sure I do not want to go down to the L size, but stay with the XL. Some of that is that I need to keep extra weight around my midsection so skating is not too easy for me; this keeps me from becoming too amazingly fast. But I can see how a person with a 42" chest and slimmer midriff would want L. ___________________________________________________________________________
click for a larger view Roadskater.net 2009 MYSTERY sleeveLESS jersey NO SHIP rsnj09NOn $49 NO SHIP
click for a larger view Roadskater.net 2009 MYSTERY sleeveLESS jersey USA SHIP rsnj09NOu $54 USA SHIP
click for a larger view Roadskater.net 2009 MYSTERY sleeveLESS jersey CANADA SHIP rsnj09NOc $60 CANADA SHIP
click for a larger view Roadskater.net 2009 MYSTERY SHORTsleeve jersey NO SHIP rsnj09SHn $49 NO SHIP
click for a larger view Roadskater.net 2009 MYSTERY SHORTsleeve jersey USA SHIP rsnj09SHu $54 USA SHIP
click for a larger view Roadskater.net 2009 MYSTERY SHORTsleeve jersey CANADA SHIP rsnj09SHc $60 CANADA SHIP
click for a larger view Roadskater.net TANGERINE sleeveLESS jersey NO SHIP rsnj08NOn $49 NO SHIP
click for a larger view Roadskater.net TANGERINE sleeveLESS jersey USA SHIP rsnj08NOu $54 USA SHIP

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skatey-mark's picture

i'm in...

Count me in for one of the 2009 jerseys. Size large. Prefer sleeveless, but will get sleeved if that's the only option.
dtg's picture

I would like a sleeveless TANGERINE

Medium size, assuming these are similar size to the previous blue shirts and green shirts. Thanks for doing this. They are really fantastic quality and comfort, and look great!
eebee's picture

2 x Mystery Color!

I'll be ordering two of the mystery color - sleeveless!


Hi eebee, I never had the honor to own a roadskater.net shirt but would love to order one this year, I think we are about the same size, please let me know what I should order. Thanks
eebee's picture

A size smaller

Marianne...after looking at some of last year's A2A FNS & Saturday photos, I think you look like you'd be a size smaller than me. I have typically ordered the large jersey each year but last year's ran a little larger, due to the change in style (raglan). So my orange sleeveless that I wear now is a medium. I am going to go with a medium again this year, but I think I'm bigger than you (broader shoulders & hips, and longer torso).
roadskater's picture

Can any of you guys share measurements?

[No worries if those who have jerseys already don't want to share measurements, but could any of you who have the previous jerseys share chest measurements and the size you get, how you like things to fit (tight or loose), and how the tangerine/pyrocantha or other jersey fit relative to that? Again no worries if you aren't up to it!] The measurements show that last year's sleeveLESS ran a little larger...about a half inch to maybe an inch in the XL size compared with the Iris and Sunlit Leaves. It's tough to measure stretchy fabric but it seems the Sky edition in 2005 was about the same size as the Tangerine. The SHORTsleeve ran a little larger by about an inch by my measurements than the Iris or Sunlit Leaves, but again about the same as the Sky edition. That's why I say if you're on the border between sizes, go DOWN a size this year to account for the difference. I'll put up a size chart when I can check on it with the manufacturer but at this point the above is what I know. One point to say is that these are CLUB FIT (RELAXED) NOT PRO FIT. In Pro fit I'd be XXX or some such. These have always run about like sizes you'd find for Starter or Champion or Nike "active this or that" jerseys you'd find in Wall of China Mart and elsewhere, but NOT the ones that mimic Under Armour. More on this as SOON as possible, including maybe some measurements if I can humble myself...chest only and you can imagine the rest...now where's that tape measure?
Mickizrollin's picture

New Guy

Hey everybody...new jerseys look good! I am in the Alpharetta area and am new to GA and also this site. Just wanted to say hello to everyone. Do most of you order your wheels...or is there any place in the Atlanta area that carries good gear? I am looking for 104/105mm wheels. Oh and I will definitely be ordering a couple of these jerseys. Post here or members can email me here... http://roadskater.net/user/430/contact Mick Kruger
roadskater's picture

Welcome Mickizrollin and Thanks

Thanks for joining and for commenting. Just to be sure to make it clear, those are the previous versions of the jerseys, and the MYSTERY color is still that, EVEN TO ME AT THIS POINT. I have some various schemes that are competing to be the one for 2009, though I have leanings toward one setup. I never know until I have to make the choice (at the last minute of course, standing in sun then shade with the Pantone color book in my hands, looking up close, looking from far away, looking in midday, looking at sundown, looking in twilight, basically obsessing). As for Atlanta shops there's Skate Escape near Piedmont Park, and for some hardware and such, Sun & Ski Sports at Duluth, just off the A2A course, in fact. I don't know what they carry an doubt they have those wheel sets. You might check Dick's Sports locations. It's hard for stores to make it on skate stuff because so many of us buy online. As far as online goes, eBay still has some good deals (use the roadskater.net search box any time you buy anything on eBay if you want to help the site in a tiny way and give eBay a tiny bit less since they give it to the site!). eBay is a good way to try speed boots if you're needing a bargain. You can try other people's mistakes and if you buy on auction, you know there was someone (ok maybe the seller cheating I know) who wanted them for a dollar less, and you can sell them later for close to what you paid. OK I have to go right now and work on these jerseys! Thanks for signing up and tell us more about yourself and your skating if you like, even use create/blog entry to start a new thread if you want. Either way, welcome.
dreeves's picture

dayglo yellow

If you could get it in that dayglo/safety yellow that you can see from a mile away, I'd get one.
roadskater's picture

If that's the color and someone hates it you can get one!

Hey dreeves. I'm not falling for mystery color poking around tricks, ha! It will be a bright color from nature that will be visible on the road, but it might be a color you hate...or love.... Yes it's ridiculous to buy a piece of commissioned clothing you can't see first! Hopefully for a small few, it's part of the fun. It solves a lot of problems for it to be a mystery. Last year I had signed proofs and got a call from the color mixer who said the salesperson didn't know what they were doing when they said they could do that color accurately, so past the last minute we went with the backup mix. In fact, there never was a signed proof for the final color I think. Had it been a promised color, I would have had real problems with the whole deal, especially since most people don't have a Pantone book or care enough to look one up, and a computer monitor is not a good place in most cases for looking at colors. Also, this way, I can leave it up to inspiration and response to mockups and staring at Pantone color chips in different kinds of shadow and light and times of day, and feel less constrained if I know I can go as I react. Those are my excuses! I can promise I worry over it lots, ponder lots, want it to be incredible.
dreeves's picture

Ha! No problem.  I'm

Ha! No problem.  I'm wearing my sky blue roadskater jersey as I type this, and I love it.  I have too many jerseys already but I don't have any in that "safety yellow" (y'know, the kind that almost glows in the daylight).  Just an idea for next year maybe...

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