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Give Yourself a Brake...For Your Inline Speedskates

If you need a break, no, I mean a brake, perhaps Cado Motus has what you need.  The former Mogema company has a brake that's supposed to work with 80mm-to-110mm-wheel frames.  Personally, I haven't seen one of these yet, but on www.nettracing.com there are pictures with installation instructions.

While I don't use a heel brake myself, I know folks who haven't tried speed equipment over rec. equipment due to the lack of a brake.  It's nice to see another option.  Perhaps this is a possibility.



roadskater's picture

Great Service from GatorbackSkate.com

Ha! The reason clairem has no brake is that she sold it to me! Last year's Philly Freedom Skate finally convinced me I should have a brake, and skatey-mark loaned me one long enough to solidify that thought. Then clairem made me a nice offer on her GatorBrake.

Recently I realized I was about to wear the last of my brake pads down, or well, should I say I was beginning to wear my new brake frame down, so I had to put in an order. I checked out the GatorbackSkate.com website and put in an order for 30 brake pads for $50.

I got great service from GatorbackSkate. The order went in on a Monday night, the shipping label was printed on Tuesday, and I received the brake pads on Wednesday. It couldn't have been easier or faster. I've heard that Mark Farnsworth of GatorbackSkate is making frames now that have a brake pad holder built in. Seems like a great idea.

Meanwhile I've been getting good results from my GatorBrake, and even good comments from cyclists at Tour de Kale who commented that when I took a wrong turn briefly, they were impressed with how quickly I got stopped and going in the right direction. That's all without actually having the pull handle installed on my frame (yet?).


GatorBrake availability . . .

It appears that to buy a GatorBrake, you actually can't buy it through them any more but through SWAT, www.ntsk8.com, under accesories.  I don't know what other frame/wheel sizes it fits other than 100mm. 

I had the GatorBrake mounted on a K2 frame.  For the short time I attempted to use it, it appeared to be of excellent quality.  I needed the Gatorleash in order to use it though.  The leg strength needed to use a heel brake on a 12.8" frame was beyond me without the leash.  Leverage definitely speeds up the process even more, Mr. Roadskater.  Try it; you'll like it!

Also, on www.gatorbackskate.com, it seems as though they are sold out of frames, but expecting to have 110mm frames with a built-in heel brake.  I shudder to think what that would be like to rein in without a leash.  Get the leash while you're at it!

I am no expert on brakes but rather more of an equipment "geek".  It is "pancake" flat in my world.  I had been hoping to use it when touring elsewhere.  Proficiency just wasn't happening without challenging practice, and for me, I found the heel brake sticking out the back to be a bigger liability.  I can see where someone with more challenging grades than mine would want to go this route though. 

andrewinnc's picture

Brakes are a lifesaver

I didn't realize until the Tour de Lions that they made heel brakes for speed skates. After having witnessed first hand their ease of use and definate advantage, I purchased one as well as the gatorstrap from Mark at Gatorbackskate.com. 

This setup has kept me out of trouble more than once in the last couple of months since i purchased them. I have more confidence to go out on the highways now since I have a more reliable way to stop and am not wearing massive flats on expensive wheels.  If you share the roads with cars or explore new roads that come upon hills or stop signs unexpectedly, you could benefit from the security of a brake.

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