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Go On! Get Your Clouds On! Send in the Clouds! Skaters Should be in the Cloud Appreciation Society and More

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Time for something off the sky. While looking for top ten items to include on the rest stop favorite foods survey, I ran across a great set of photos of and discussion about clouds. It mentioned the Cloud Appreciation Society. I want to be part of that! Here comes another Roadskater.net subteam! Here's that top ten cloud thing...


As roadskaters, long distance subtype, we often see strange things jumping out at us from the periphery. Sometimes they're real, like the guy at Halloween who thought he'd scare us while we were going 30mph down Bunch Rd. He must have been disappointed. We were so focused (this years ago on dev runs for Carolina Century) we did not flinch. Sometimes we see or hear stuff we think are probably not there and we mock the turnsheet saying "BEAR RIGHT." One year I hope to put a bear in a chair at the point where the turnsheet says bear right, but so few look at the turnsheet the joke will be lost. There used to be a bear in a chair on the climb up Goodwill Church Road but it's gone. We found a horse shoe in the road there too. Strange! I think eebee saw bigfoot on Vernon Rd at mile 88 this year! 

All right. Enough of all that. See ya.


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Clouds. Sigh.

Those Kelvin-Helmholtz eddies are stunning! Although that undulatus asperatus photo looks more like Dalí than Cousteau! 

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