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Gooch Memorial Bike Ride Inline Skate J & L Bicycle Burlington NC April 16 2010

Jack's picture
2010.04.16 5:30 pm

Gooch Memorial Ride
Friday April 16th, 2010
Registration 5:30pm   Ride Start 6:00pm

I'll let the link explain:


Read Gooch Memorial Ride info. I've called and pre-registered. Basically an urban & suburban neighborhood easy paced skride. I've verified with the organizer that skaters are indeed welcome. I'm breaking my "no road skate" rule for this one. Very gentle hills, some grainy, but mostly very decent pavement. Would be great to have skaters to show that we are a part of the human powered transportation scene as well!


J & L Bicycle
216 East Front Street
Burlington, North Carolina
United States
36° 5' 34.7892" N, 79° 26' 8.9124" W


Roadskaters Welcome

As one of the ride organizers, I'd say to all skaters - come on out! We'd love to have you join us, as we remember Gene Gooch, an Elon University Professor, who got killed in a bicycle vs. car accident on April 3, 2009, close to the university. 

As you can read on the J & L bicycle Co. website, this ride is also to increase mutual respect and understanding among different users of our roads: cars, cyclists, and skaters too. So we want to make sure we obey the rules that apply to vehicles - and by law (as I understand it - disclaimer: I am NOT a lawyer!!), bicycles are considered vehicles under NC law. Thus, our aim is to get everyone to stop at traffic lights that are turning yellow or red; and even - gasp -- at stop signs.

The loop is 13.31 miles long - from the J&L Bicycle Co. in downtown Burlington to Elon University and back. It's mostly through neighborhoods and a small part on a 4-lane road through town that Mark Carpenter has skated many times. It's sweet surface for skaters.
So come on out! Hope to see you all on Friday evening at 5:30pm.


roadskater's picture

Thanks for the info

Thanks for the post, Jack. I changed it to an Event (using Create/Event vs. the usual Create/Blog Entry). This puts it on the calendar, lets you use RSVP, and so forth. Mainly it puts it in the Upcoming Events sidebar block. Thanks a bunch for sharing.

I am not sure if I'll be traveling then, but if not, I hope to be there roadskating slowly in honor of safe roads for all including human powered transportationists...that's what active transportation is all about.

roadskater's picture

A Great TIme and an Invitation

We had a great time at the Gooch ride, Jack and myself, and got to meet Mrs. Gooch. It was a ride where they really did wait on the slowest and there were some nice enough to pretend to be slower than us. 

We did about 13 miles and I burned up all of my brake and a little bit of metal. Oops. I changed the brake out and put new washers to give me an early warning system. 

After the ride we were invited to come out for the Thursday at 6p (I think) Urban Assault, which is a weekly ride similar to the Gooch, the ride leader said. He made it clear that roadskaters and cyclists of all speeds and sorts are welcome. They do the ride in winter with headlights on too, so they're used to sticking together for safety. Nice invitation. Maybe we should go out for that sometime.

Thanks to Jack for taking the lead on this and for coming out to road skate, and for Marianne for being a coorganizer and very much the ride leader, making sure we were all grouping up regularly. I hope we represented roadskating OK!

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