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Good places to buy lycra shorts? (Inline Skating and Cycling)

skatey-mark's picture

It's time to order some new shorts.  (The ones I have are noticeably worn.)  I have been ordering the "Lycra Power" shorts from sweatitout.com...




But they're a bit pricey ($42.95).  I was wondering where others were getting their shorts and how they liked them...  Thanks!


- SM - 


eebee's picture

There must not be any!

Well I was wondering the same thing, Skatey-Mark! I hope some others can make some suggestions.

I'm in bad need of new skate shorts too but I hate bike shorts or skin-suit style shorts because of the tight elastic around the thigh area. I don't shop online for clothes because I'm not organized enough to send stuff back that doesn't fit.

Every few years I pop in to an Adidas store outlet and sometimes find the generic spandex short on sale for $15 - $20. The colors are so last year! But it's hard to tell how they're going to feel after 30 mins of skating from only 3 minutes standing around in the fitting room. These Adidas shorts aren't bike-shorts at all.

If you like the bike-short style, Tanglewood HQ might have some past years' available to buy in Greensboro. They sometimes put them out at a booth at the Tanglewood finish line for $25. They are great quality and I wish I could wear them.

 Let me know if you find a good source.

skart's picture

Actually, that's what I wear

Actually, that's what I wear - Adidas shorts... They are running, instead of cycling, compression shorts and work great for me! I also like that they have a pocket in the back that allows me to carry keys while I skate...

I believe that there are two different models that Adidas has produced in the last few years - Response and Supernova... I believe that I had a pair of Supernova shorts about 3-4 years ago and I am using Response shorts now...

They are not cheap at about $40 per pair but, as I said, they work for me and seem to last quite a long time.

skatey-mark's picture


I just dug through my email, and the last time I ordered these shorts (5/5/05) they were $34.95. I probably kept them a year longer than I really should have. But I guess even 3 years isn't bad as far as wear goes. I also ordered the super-duper shorts last time for $55.95/pair. Those are now $62.95. So I guess they're a slightly better buy in that the price increased by a smaller percentage (13% vs 23%). Still, $63 for a pair of shorts is *really* steep. Here's the link: http://www.sweatitout.com/store/product_details.php?category_id=0&item_i... - SM -
skatey-mark's picture

$25 shorts

After a bit of searching, I found some that seem like they might work. At $25/pair, it may be worth trying. I'm going to order a couple pairs to see how they are compared to the shorts from sweatitout.com... http://www.americanwave.com/ProductInfo.aspx?productid=78998 The above link said they were out of stock for size large. Here's another site that claims to have them in stock: http://www.opentip.com/Sporting-Goods/American-Wave-International-Lycra-... I'll post my impressions of the shorts once they arrive and I can try them out. - SM -
skatey-mark's picture

5% off coupon for opentip.com

After I placed my order, I received a 5% off coupon code. It said it can be used by me or a friend, so here it is in case anyone else wants to order... Coupon code: 162121 - SM -


http://www.geartrade.com looks interesting, but I haven't actually ordered anything through it yet, so can't vouch for it personally. Mix of used and discounted new stuff.

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