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Google Chrome Good Stuff But Careful Where You Use It for Now

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Today or yesterday was the beta release of Google Chrome, a fast new browser that's free to download and use. At first blush it seems snappier than even Firefox 3. If you're using Internet Explorer, I recommend you get Firefox 3 and Google Chrome and look at both. If you have Firefox 3, Chrome is still worth a look: http://www.mozilla.com/firefox/ www.google.com/chrome My first tests are very good except when posting to Roadskater.net I attempted to use the Word-like "enable rich-text" feature and the browser window hung. One good part about Chrome is that if one window dies not all are doomed to that fate, or so they say. I'll see what I can find out about that error, but for now, Firefox 3 is how I test the site, and I give a look in on Internet Explorer eventually (my bad for those awful menus a few weeks ago), and I'll likely try to get Chrome working as soon as I'm able because it does seem really fast...especially if you open windows as your to-do list. One nice feature of Firefox 3 is that when there's a crash or you saved your windows on closing, it'll bring up your window set the next time you firefox it up. Another great Firefox 3 hit is being able to just start typing a word to search for it! That's genius usability my foxes. As for Chrome, I hope it gets that feature soon, but also hope it just makes the free open source software folks really itchy to compete as I know they can! Check the Chrome options for simple ways to make it work more like you may be used to. Wow. New software landing in our universe like bang!


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