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Great Atlanta Night Skate Video

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Here's a freshly uploaded video taken by Aprr Rick during another Aprr skater's 40th Birthday nightskate. I think it's better muted, but it's enjoyable either way.




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Skate-Cam is too freaky

This video is quite cool, but seems a bit on the risky side. Being able to only view the angle of the camera lense is really unsettling. I was just waiting for the camera to bounce violently all around, then come to a rest pointing at the sky. With all the weaving in and out of skater traffic, riding the double yellow line with oncoming cars, zipping through parking lots - Whew....had me nervous.
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Not everybody skates like Rick!

I'm sure had I been there I would have been one of the tamer skaters in the background of that video! Yes indeed, the Atlanta night skates can get pretty hairy. And to think I cut my skating teeth on those as A2A training mileage 9 years ago!! Nothing like throwing someone in at the deep end, eh? Cushy rec skates and a nice, thick slab of rubber for a brake are just the ticket.

Just in case you aren't dizzy enough, here are some more. I laughed my head off when they hit that rough patch on the first video:




The first 3 (out of the 4) show streets you'll skate on during A2A or the A2A Friday night skate.  

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night skates = fright skates

thanks for those other links....Looks like a total blast but dangerous. Not much in the way of reflective clothing and peds look as is they're staring at an inline street gang. It's just so weird to view - traffic all around, peds, GT buses, city streets + intersections. YIKES.
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Monday Night beginner skates

I didn't mean to scare you away from Atlanta night skates! That was not my intention. I just haven't seen that many great night skate videos and I loved these. The Monday night beginner skates are (or used to be) much gentler and totally doable if you haven't done much roadskating, especially downtown roadskating. There's a lead and a sweep, and they wait at the top of hills for everybody to catch up, etc.

These videos are obviously from a group of downtown Atlanta street skating veterans. Of all the Aprr nightskates I've attended there was plenty of reflective material, and enough helmet lamps and blinkies to light up Turner Stadium. There's also usually somebody from the National Skate Patrol, complete with whistle.

This was a 40th Birthday skate, so was a bit more informal. When you do A2A, Mike (notice the 'when' :-)), you will get the chance to skate with maybe a hundred or so skaters from all over the country and world through the streets of Atlanta. It's never a good idea to blast it out on that Friday night skate because the last thing you need for A2A Sunday is fresh roadrash and busted skates! But there are plenty of gentler skaters that the leaders wait on, along with the police escort.

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Atlanta nights look fun

I like the "when" i do an A2A. Nice touch. Those night skates look like a ton-o-fun. Too bad nothing like that exists in Raleigh. Getting only the video angle perspective offers no peripheral views so not being able to look left and look right makes it a little unnerving. That looks like a GREAT pack to skate with.

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