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Great Customer Service from Anelace, Inc: Crystal Blue Powers of 2 BCD (Binary) Clock Repair

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Roadskater gave me a Powers of 2 Crystal Blue BCD (binary) Clock, sold by Anelace, Inc. I finally got around to plugging it in and setting the time.


Unfortunately there was a problem with the unit, causing the bright blue LEDs to flash rapidly. Since stroboscopic lights induce fuzzy-lined migraines in me, I unplugged the clock and returned it to the box with dismay. A Google search or two later, I realized that either nobody else had ever experienced a problem with any of Anelace's binary clocks, or they hadn't bothered to write about it online.

Thankfully Anelace has a very user-friendly website, and an even friendlier customer service policy! I sent them a cry for help via email - the Sunday before Labor Day Monday - and received a reply within a few minutes! Amazing! A nice person called Lyle explained that they have so much confidence in their products, they'll ship me a new clock immediately, along with a prepaid envelope, in which I was to return the defective circuit board from the old clock. Wow. 

I have now set up the new clock, which works great of course. A very informative flyer included in the box states that their goal is 100% satisfaction. Check! Their products should stand the test of time. They have a failure analysis program and are eager to find out what went wrong. I snapped out the old circuit board and will return it tomorrow (it's pretty).

That's the way to give great customer service!

I attached some photos of some of my other clocks. And while googling, I came across these DIY word clocks, which look like fun.


BCDcircuitboard.JPG78.12 KB
BCDclock.JPG17.75 KB
oneishclock.JPG62.14 KB
gferclock.JPG163.77 KB


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Nice to read a happy customer service story

Great going for Anelace, and I enjoyed the other clock pictures too. So it was what, 50 minutes from taking that picture of the binary clock to posting your article?

I also love the link to the DIY clocks on Instructables. They look like fairly straightforward single-board microcontroller projects. For a long time I've really wanted to have clock that displayed French Republican Time. Maybe making one is the way to go--because I so need to take on yet another personal project!

[Edited to fix typo in title. --timv]

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Correct :-). I'm not the most linear of thinkers. Roadskater was explaining that this particular blue BCD clock now reads true binary (as opposed to fake binary I guess), and even alternates between the two. The main reason I set my home clocks to 24 hour mode is so that when I wake up from a nap at 7:00 I know generally what day it is - i.e. same day I took a nap, or next morning!. I can imagine waking up now to blue flashing lights not knowing what the hell time it is.

That French Republican Time is something else! I was going to say their calendar wouldn't work in Britain because each sub-season could be called 'miserable'. But I see some other sarcastic English folk beat me to it.

The French do like to make each day unique, though, as I see from their list of decimal day names. Even now though, each day in France is some-saint-or-other's day. Today belongs to Dolores and Roland. I have often thought about attempting to start something similar, but dedicating each day instead to some character quality I wanted to ponder for a day, such as 'courage', 'kindness', 'optimism', 'prosperity', etc. The idea would be instead of being mindful of a saint, to be mindful of said quality. This idea came to me of course in the calm clarity of a trip home from vacation at the beach, never to see the murky light of my quotidian mess. Here's to yet more projects!

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Had to go and RTM about "true binary"

Aha! I read your "now reads true binary" and thought I must have been mistaken in thinking the clock in the picture displayed 22:05:41. That's BCD rather than true binary. But I guess you mean that it could be switched to show true binary, not that you now have it switched to that mode.

According to the manual, if it was in true binary the clock in your picture would be displaying 6 AM (00110 in 2nd row) plus 48 minutes (110000 in 3rd row) plus 5 seconds (000101 in bottom row).

And my very first thought was that, where the French replaced 86400 seconds in the day (24*60*60) by 10 hours, 100 minutes,  and 100 somewhat shorter seconds, "true binary" would have 16 hours x 64 minutes x 64 seconds, or 65536 somewhat longer seconds per day. Then it could display the time using a single row of 16 lights. My project clock will have to switch between French Republican Time and that, I guess.

Incidentally, "Lobster Thermidor" is the only common usage I can come up with that preserves a trace of FRT--indirectly by way of a stage play called "Thermidor" but still... It only officially lasted for two years and part of a third.

> "waking up now to blue flashing lights not knowing what the hell time it is"

After deep but interrupted sleep, I'll wake up not knowing what the hell time is: what this peculiar linear dimension really represents and why it can't be slowed down or paused or rewound. Choosing a different type of clock seems unlikely to help there.

> Even now though, each day in France is some-saint-or-other's day. Today belongs to Dolores and Roland.

I recall some writer--Vladimir Nabokov, I think--reflecting that birthdays were not big occasions in his childhood. The major celebration happened on one's "name day," the feast day of the saint for which you were named. Same idea?

Then there's "Good King Wenceslas looked down on the Feast of Stephen," St. Steven's Day traditionally being (looked it up) December 26th--Boxing Day to you and yours, but Wencesla(u)s was Czech/Bohemian.

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Now's the time, the time is now

Sorry. By "now reads true binary", I meant now merely in the infomercial sense of the word, as opposed to the now that can't be slowed down, paused or rewound. So you did read correctly the first time. :-)

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Watching the clock

Are you hinting that my replies tend to Ramble On? <grin>

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Ba-Hah! No, not at all, TimV. I usually hear Robert Plant screeching that line whenever I start to vacillate about something. Like what to put for a title, for instance. 

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