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When you're on the road, or even at the local wifi spot, sometimes you can't get the radio programs you are used to. WABE is a fine radio station, but it drives me crazy not to have some of the great programs WUNC and WFDD offer during the middle of the day. And sometimes you might want to follow events in, say, Iowa or New Hampshire (bless your pitiful heart), or Britain or Canada. Maybe you just want to hear some music flavored with curry. Maybe you're silly enough to seek out C-SPAN live over iptv! Maybe you miss University of Michigan TV?

Well for some time I've relied on


as a great source of customizable schedules and links, all provided by an impressive and actively maintained database. PublicRadioFan lets you add, move and delete sources from your personal list, and it lets you get at the information in helpful ways. 

There's no use complaining about the local radio whenever we're near an internet connection. If you like Bluegrass, oh boy they've got it. If you long to hear local voices of Scotland, you're covered. Want to hear BBC Australia? Have at it. If you love "This American Life" like I do, PublicRadioFan can help you find and listen when you want, and if you can't find a good time, use the podcast list instead.

I know there are lots of other ways to timeshift and spaceshift radio and television, and please share your discoveries, including ways for us to keep these memories for fair use later.

Today, I'm just happy to hear some voices that are part of my usual day. On other days, I use it to expand my horizons a bit. The BBC can be a wonderful sleep aid, in that if it doesn't work, I at least learn something. And I don't end up eating all the leftovers and cleaning the kitchen without remembering (too bad for that!).

You go, Internet!

I'd like to add that http://msnbc.com and nbc in general has lots of news video available and msnbc was streaming their video yesterday as pundits made fools of themselves believing exit polls, ha.

So, where do you listen and watch online? How do you grab streams for later fair use?

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