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The GreatesSkate in Miami Beach Florida 2009 Inline Skate Festival Party Fun

MikeB's picture
2009.02.06 12:00 pm
2009.02.08 6:00 pm

Now is the time to get this Skate on your calendar.

Learn more at http://www.thegreatesskate.com/index.php5

By the time February '09 rolls around, I'll be looking for some warmer weather. 

Some other roadskaters have participated in this event over the last few years so let's hear from them and their experiences.

Hope to see you there!


Royal Palm Hotel
1545 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach, Florida 33139
United States
Phone: 786-276-0177
25° 47' 18.654" N, 80° 7' 45.5088" W


roadskater's picture

Thanks for posting. Good times!

Hey MikeB... Thanks for posting this event. It really helps to have some help with that! I've been struggling with computer problems and background issues including trying to get a new server going, and catching up to some glitches on the site. If I can afford it, I'll be there in Miami. But that's a big if. I hope for low fares and cheap accomodations...the reg fee is a bit steep as I recall. But for charity as I recall too.
eebee's picture

8 weeks until 75 deg F, sunny flat skating!

It's about 8 weeks away. I'd love to let myself get all excited about this one but the jury is still out in my checkbook as to whether I can afford it. Not sure about the fee yet, as it looks like they still have last year's details up. Maybe the price is the same. At this point last year it was $99 to sign up. Each time I have gone to this event and enjoyed the flat 'n' breezy, sunny group skates, I have sworn I would go back each year and kicked myself (or just got really depressed) if I didn't. This is a great way to meet many of the NY skaters or other skaters from up North, because they're more deprived of hot and sunny weather in February and in my experience they make more of an effort to get themselves down to Miami.
MikeB's picture

Gimme sun-n-fun

Good to know. I've never done this one but really looking forward to it.......sure hope you all can make it + a strong contingent of RSN jerseys. It may have some cost to it, but like you said, if I don't go I'll kick myself later, and if it's looking too pricey then I'll just stay in my van DOWN BY THE RIVER. ;-)
roadskater's picture

Staying in the Van Sounds Good If...

That sounds like a great plan if you can do it without running afoul of the night dangers, like police and other night crawlers looking for something interesting to look through (your van or you). Just don't shoot your baby or get dragged over the rainbow. Wow check out 4:58 of live music including 3 crunchy wailers in the youtube vid embedded here... http://www.lyricsmode.com/lyrics/n/neil_young/down_by_the_river.html

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