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Greensboro Downtown Greenway Plan Includes 40-Foot Stainless Steel Rod Artwork

roadskater's picture

I'm glad they are including artwork as part of the Greensboro Downtown Greenway, and I hope one will actually be able to enjoy that art where it will be located...and that it's not tagged immediately...unless that's the hope of the artist. This is a good spot geographically as drivers will see the sculpture if they look away from traffic to see the modest Greensboro skyline. It's also a good spot because the Recycling Center is on Lee Street and there are a lot of guys back and forth along that street and those nearby looking for copper wire, air conditioner cores, wind chimes and other useful stuff for ripping apart to recycle. I genuinely hope the art will be well secured and will survive and grow in its glory over the years. Kudos to a plan that includes art and exercise, no matter what comes of it!

The sat view shows some pieces of a trail there now. I'll have to go check it out sometime, but I think it'll be without skates and most likely with car. That downer to Lee Street might be a bit tricky. We'll see.

Most importantly, I hope they focus on making a great multiuse greenway with safe crossings and preferably some bridges where needed. Oh and it would be nice if the Downtown Greenway were to actually allow you to get from one place to another. Current efforts are to be lauded but not beyond reason, as bike lanes that end when a road has an S curve might not be all that useful?

All my gentle sniping aside, and I mean it to be mild, there's serious effort here in Greensboro to incorporate active transportation into the mix of modes for travel. Now if we could just get that railway line from downtown Greensboro to Walnut Cove (!) turned into a paved multiuse railtrail. When passing through Belews Creek after looking at maps for the Carolina Century, I note that some of the old rail path is indistinguishable there. Looking at sat photos along Battleground Ave shows that many businesses have made parking lots and more over the old rail right of way.

How cool would it be to be able to ride or skate up to Walnut Cove via Summerfield and Stokesdale? Meanwhile, I really am glad some folk are dreaming big for downtown Greensboro and I must say I can't wait to skate to the main post office...but more importantly, can I get a route up to Country Park? I feel a bit bad riding 6 miles in my car to go skate then 6 miles back. But I do it. If it's warm enough!

Artists planning works for Greensboro's greenway - Greensboro News Record -

Artists planning works for Greensboro's greenway
Greensboro News Record, NC - 3 hours ago
The group likes Hatcher’s approach, said Dabney Sanders, greenway project manager for Action Greensboro. “He understands the power of what public art can do ...
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