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Greensboro: A Great Eddy Matzger RoadShow Inline Speed Skating Workshop Apr 6-8 2007

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Hi to all. Some have asked about the workshop in Greensboro and I wanted to share some brief details.

We don't publish locations in advance publicly for several reasons, mostly so the workshop can maintain a bit of privacy. We'll almost certainly be at our previous location but I'll be checking that site and some others as traffic patterns and building zones have shifted somewhat.

The weather has always been great for the Greensboro inline speed roadshow workshops and we have yet to have rain, but we have a couple of backup locations at parking garages we would use if Eddy decided to take us into the dry. Eddy is great at responding to conditions and using these as teaching opportunities, but we do have some good locations to fall back on in case of inclement conditions.

This year we should have slightly warmer conditions than in many past years as we are going later in the year.

Yes April 6-8 includes Easter but we hope you'll consider this as an opportunity rather than a setback. Greensboro is awesome in spring, and the Bradford Pear trees are already in bloom. The dogwoods and azaleas may be bursting forth by Easter, we'll see.

The biggest plus to coming to our location is that it is attended well enough to be interesting and fun, but not by so many that it feels crowded. We have about 8 signed up so far, and we need to get as many as we can to make it worth Eddy's trip, but I think it is looking good for having a dozen to twenty folk here.

Another point I stress is that most people drive or fly in for the Greensboro sessions, so most people have left the concerns of home at home. This makes people more easily able to drop everything except skating and also means that those people who would show up just because it is a local event are not there. It is still lots of fun, but we have the people who really want to get to the next level, whatever level that may be, and not much of that oh let's have a team party atmosphere that some locations might have (which is tons of fun but perhaps a bit distracting?).

Other locations all have their wonderful features, and not always the skating but the people and places and non-skating things to do. Come to Greensboro for a smaller, more focused group and a weekend of being taken away from all those other wonderful things, back into the heart of skating form and function. With a smaller group, you are likely to get more individual time with Eddy focusing on your form and helping you ratchet up to the next click in your skate machine's gears.

Greensboro car rentals and hotels are inexpensive relative to other locations (lots cheaper than some trendy towns), and we have some dedicated locals who will try to help out with a ride or a place to stay (but let me know early if you don't plan for self-sufficiency in room or ride; I'll do my best to make it all possible).

Well that's enough for now but be in touch if you have questions. You may send site feedback and it will reach me, or post here, or on InlineNC group on Yahoo!

Come join us. We need you to help us make our minimum, and we want you to come see our city so you'll want to come back in the fall for the totally awesome Tour to Tanglewood for Multiple Sclerosis.

If you think you'll join us for the Tour or want to be part of the Roadskater.net team, list it on your signup as one of your teams. If there are enough on a team you get a discount. Check out skatecentral.com and skatefarm.com for more info, to see other locations and to sign up.

Also, check out my roadskater.net photos and roadskater.net inline skating videos for the originals ripped off by YouTube posters and attributed to other locations...That's Greensboro, not London, in some of those if they say Roadskater.net at the beginning and end of the clip.

Skateylove and be in touch...Blake


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Blake is right! This is the

Blake is right! This is the clinic to do if you want one on one attention. Our group is small enough that Eddy gets to spend lots of time with you. So come on down to greensboro. I have space for one or two people if you don't mind sharing a room.


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