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Greensboro NC Eddy Matzger Roadshow Registration Open

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The registration form is ready at http://skatecentral.com for the Greensboro Inline Speed Skating workshop now called the Eddy Matzger Roadshow, April 6-8, 2007.

You get a discount if you are a member of a team with 5 or more members.

  • If you are on the Roadskater.net team, please enter "Roadskater.net" as your team.
  • If you are not on Roadskater.net's team, but would like to join, please email and I'll give you the details. Roadskater.net is open to anyone, anywhere. Our goals are to skate for charity (no matter how fast or not), and to the best of our ability, to represent roadskating with courtesy and dignity and fun to cyclists, motorists, tour leaders, and everyone else. We fall down on this, of course, but we get up again and keep trying.

Here are some details snagged from the website:

  • The cost of the weekend RoadShow is $250.00, which includes Eddy's transportation.
  • Enrollment is open to all. To reserve a spot, the SkateFarm requires a prepayment of at least one-half the SkateFarm fee, by check, money order, or Visa/MasterCard.

More info later, but let's get as many registered as we can quickly! Eddy seems excited to be coming back to Greensboro and it is fast becoming his regular airport since it is a great blend of easy access with moderate pricing and excellent connections. And you can't beat the metered parking at pick up and drop off (now I'm hearing Tom and Ray, The Car Guys, in my head, the credits at the end of the show on NPR).


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Just gave myself an early Christmas present!

I'm signed up!  Just put my deposit down...  Do we really have to wait until April?!?  ;)


- SM -

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