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Greensboro NC Making a Bid to be the Home of the U.S. Cycling Hall of Fame

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Another sidebar news item...WRAL reports that the Greensboro News and Record reports that Greensboro has "made the cut" in bidding to become the new home of the United States Cycling Hall of Fame. Supposedly GSO is in the "final four." Who knows how significant this could be, but at least it shows there are people in Greensboro trying to bring more visitors to the city, especially those who are interested in bicycling and other forms of active transportation. Thanks to Neil Belenky and the rest of the Greensboro task force involved in making the application.

NC city trying to win cycling hall of fame - WRAL.com -


NC city trying to win cycling hall of fame
WRAL.com, NC - 3 hours ago
Officials say the hall of fame preserves cycling history and honors people who have had a positive impact on the sport.
City’s chasing cycling shrine Greensboro News Record
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Greensboro, North Carolina
United States
36° 4' 24.5964" N, 79° 47' 24.576" W


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GSO in Final Four?!

Landing this would be HUGE for GSO and NC. The final four competition has got to be extremely tough. I can't imagine the lobbying going on from cycling's power brokers, but GSO could do it up right.

Question: Does Greensboro

Question: Does Greensboro really deserve the Bicycle Hall Of Fame? Here's some info from a Greensboro bicyclist: http://recyclebills.squarespace.com/recycleblog/greensboro-greenwashing-...
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Hey RecycleBill

Thanks for joining and I have to go do some tutoring right now, but please tell us more about the city requiring you to destroy bikes that are turned in for recycling. I'm interested in that one. As for bike lanes, I am not sure they are better. I think wider streets are better, but others have almost convinced me that a bike lane is problematic. I'm open to learning on this too! As for Tour du Pont I had thought the whole tour ran out of money. Perhaps though I recall one year where they came to Winston-Salem but not Greensboro. I was there at the Four Seasons finish line the one year and Lance, a bigger version, was there to win. As for deserving the U.S. Cycling Hall of Fame I'd say maybe Portland is the most bicycle friendly city I've heard of. But I doubt deserving will be part of it. Money changes everything as they say. Perhaps if we don't deserve it, Greensboro needs it all the more. If we can get more voters who bicycle and skate to come here to live, and get more who live here to bike and skate, I think there's eventually some good in that. Thanks for the ideas. Tell us more.
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Street Plane Bike, Creative Outlet

RecycleBill sent me a note and mentioned his street plane, which is definitely worth a look. He's a shy guy, certainly, and about as subtle as a Roadskater.net jersey. I definitely agree with his comments in the video about how helpful it can be to find some form of creative outlet (as I'd say it, artistic expression...and isn't it nice if that is something you can get paid for and call it work!). Anyway, here's the link to the street plane video. I'm wondering if that propeller is human powered too? Surely it is at least based on human powered electricity generation. That has to be a bit of extra work and a good calorie burn.


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