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Greensboro Velo Up2Speed (Up to Speed) Bike Rides Help Hibernators Get Rolling

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For all those who would like to bike or inline skate with the cyclists but who are afraid they'll be too slow even for the slow, perhaps Greensboro Velo Club's Up2Speed (Up to Speed) rides will work. What a great act of generosity for the ride leaders! The GVC is always nice to us skaters, and we all love the Tour to Tanglewood for Multiple Sclerosis, so we share common goals.

I think we'll be skating the 15-miler tomorrow (Apr 21) at 1pm leaving from Cycles de Oro. We're always welcome so if you are thinking of coming, please do. Give me a call or Create/Site Feedback or email if you think you can come.

After that ride, if we're not too tired, we might go to Country Park or Bur-Mil Park to skate or bike, and perhaps will even do the 14-mile round trip between the two. We'll just see how everybody feels and decide then.

Regardless, the Up to Speed rides sound great. Thankfully, someone realized that as we all get faster we need to remember those who helped us get started, and instead of thanking them again, we do the same for others to bring them into the fold.

If you're thinking of showing up on skates let us know and we'll form a no-drop group of our own and take it nice and easy. Who knows, you might all be waiting on me!

The Up2Speed site is hosted by CdO (they support so many great things!) and here's a brief quote and a list of dates:

Starting in April! The GVC's most popular series ever! UP2SPEED 7-weeks of guided rides in gradually increasing lengths, designed to acclimate beginners (or folks returning to the sport) to cycling in time for the summer season.

  • Saturday April 21 1pm 15 miles cycles de ORO bike shop
  • Sunday April 22 1pm 15 miles Jaycee Park
  • Saturday April 28 1pm 20 miles cycles de ORO bike shop
  • Sunday April 29 1pm 20 miles Oka Hester Park
  • Saturday May 5 1pm 25 miles cycles de ORO bike shop
  • Sunday May 6 1pm 25 miles N. Elm Villages
  • Saturday May 12 1pm 20-25 miles cycles de ORO bike shop
  • Sunday May 13 1pm 20-25 miles Depot (downtown)
  • Saturday May 19 Event TOUR DE LIONS - GRAYS CHAPEL NC
  • Sunday May 20 1pm 25-30 miles N. Elm Villages
  • Saturday May 26 1pm 25–30 miles cycles de ORO bike shop
  • Sunday May 27 1pm 30 miles Oka Hester Park

Note the Tour de Lions on May 19, one of our favorite rides with some awesome folk trying to help others with eyesight and other problems...good folk, good food, good times, door prizes and a sweet'n'nasty final uphill as I recall! Extremely welcoming to roadskaters.




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A Review of Two Up2Speed Rides

We did a couple of the Up2Speed rides and if you plan to do them, my advice is to get there early and talk with the sweep to find out if they are committed to staying with or behind the last rider or skater without changing the route to shorten it. If not, someone on the ride probably would be glad to be a real sweep. These are great people so don't be shy. Please see my review of two nice rides here...



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