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Halibut, extra dry, hold the popcorn

RSNBiker's picture

I have snuck all manner of food into a movie theater, from fried chicken and burgers, to whole pizzas folded in half. Tonight I boxed up my 2.9 ounces of fish, then bagged it, and smuggled it through the ticket check point in my large black bag. Because of the smell, I had to move to another row for my quick dinner during the previews. I’m just glad I didn’t get bounced. And I’m happy I stuck to my diet.

I apologize to the Academy and the Hollywood foreign press for not buying a 1,000-calorie item from the concession stand. I did pay for a Coke Zero and large water. I hope that helps. OK, I had a coupon for the Coke Zero, but that’s because I spend so much at the movies.

I’m getting closer to my next diet milestone – 40 pounds. Lost another 1.2 this a.m. Tomorrow is another gym workout and I hope to find some buddies for a Sunday morning ride.

Oh, and Rise of the Planet of the Apes was well worth the $9.75.


eebee's picture


Wow, that's something else! A whole pizza in your bag? You are my frugality hero. 

Next time take a tub of boiled cauliflower in there with you, and watch all the big-haired, loud-whisperers slink away from the seats in front of you.

Very funny story! 

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