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Hammering Happy Hill Bike Ride Inline Skate June 27 2009 Greensboro Country Park

roadskater's picture
2009.06.27 9:00 am
Dale put up a site for the ride. He says rest stops will stay open as long as the paying customers are out. That's good after last year's Tour de Guilford had a rest stop on a spur (extra skating and cycling required off the main course) and when we arrived they had checked out. Admittedly we were slow that day, but had paid and there was no posted cutoff time on that one. It won't be a problem at this ride, I'm confident. The info says the ride starts at Country Park but it may be more easily accessible from the Natural Science Center lot (I'm not sure). Usually we enter the lower parking lot area near Orman Rd. and Lawndale Dr. Follow the cars with bikes I guess! Anyway this should be good. Not sure if we'll be at the T2T training ride, out of state, or here! Tough choices...from... http://www.cyclesdeoro.com/hammering-happy-hill.htm An unbelievable day of cycling fun! Pick your ride distance from 11, 20, 42 or 64 mile loops, and then return for food, drink, door prizes and socializing in the fabulous Greensboro Country Park! What a way to celebrate the scenic pleasures of Triad bicycling and help a great cause! Register at 8 AM... All riders off at 9 AM $25 entry Four distances to choose from! 11 and 20 mile routes are nice and easy. 42 mile route is moderate but gives riders a taste of what the 64 mile route is like. 64 mile route: it's got long climbs, steep climbs and possibly even some long, steep climbs.


Greensboro Country Park Shelter 1 (near Natural Science Center)
4301 Lawndale Dr
Greensboro, North Carolina
United States
36° 7' 52.3236" N, 79° 49' 56.0568" W


timv's picture

Could be a good one

That looks promising, but I dunno know about that 64-miler. Long steep hills tends to mean long steep downhills too.

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