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Hanna and Her Skaters: 2008 Roadskater.net Team Tanglewood Saturday Bike Ride Inline Skate Speed Topo and Heart Rate Route Map

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(A nod to timv who brought up the Woody Allen movie, Hannah and Her Sisters, when we were discussing the storm at dinner somewhen.) Since the 2008 Tour to Tanglewood was canceled for Saturday due to Tropical Storm/Hurricane Hanna, the Roadskater.net team watched the weather and decided on a post Hanna humid, hot afternoon skate and bike of 49 miles of supersweet asphalt. We hit 40+ mph three times and I was the reason for superslow average speed after I spanked out too fast early on and spent a long time gathering the courage to go as slowly as I really needed to in order to get back to anaerobic threshold or whatever average heart rate I could maintain. My speed topo map is at this link: http://roadskater.net/photos/tour-to-tanglewood-2008-greensboro-clemmons... As for starting out too fast, it began before any of us skated. Add too little sleep and skaters visiting from out of town and you get resting heart rates out the roof for me! I was the one that started it on the way up to Air Harbor Road, and then after I rotated out I was in debt for most of the way across to Lake Brandt Rd, even on the way down to the dam! While eebee was taking the blame and feeling unworthy, I was not doing any better and skating or thinking or speaking, as was clear to all. I was definitely not wanting eebee to drop out. By 7 miles at Scalesville I said a few stupidest things of the day or at least the last few minutes, especiallly when I was trying to say I was going to be just as slow as I had been without eebee, I actually said that now that she's out I'll be the slowest. Well that wasn't what I meant but it is what I said, and I know that wasn't happy to hear, so sorry about that, eebee. I wanted you there and by that time was ready for the faster group to go on and tour at their speed so I could recover and maybe catch them later if any had spanked out too fast. With two of us to leave they might've done it, but at the time I was thinking of how we might all stay together...something unrealistic after I blew myself up early. Slower and steadier would have been better, and this was a great and useful blowout, coming a few weeks before A2A. I'll remember the hours it took to recover as we are leaving Athens for Atlanta, I hope! By 17 miles in I knew I was at 161, about 5 beats over my usual highest sustainable average heart rate (156, what I think of as my anaerobic threshold), so I knew I needed the same amount of time (an hour and three quarters or so) of skating at an average 151 beats to just get back to good. I saw no way to do that without severely slowing the group, and felt with them slightly ahead of me I'd chase all day and never get under the embryo waiting to happen figure. You can see in the colors that I did eventually find a way to stay in good zones, mostly by going so slowly (or stopping) that nobody else could skate that slowly and not fall over! So then they'd go to the top of the hill or so and wait. Once I got MY discipline taken care of, the rest would shake out fine, I finally figured. We had support, so I was truly fine if the others left, and in fact, begged them to do so (highly unusual for me, and not because I felt unworthy, but because I felt I'd recover more quickly...but it was hugely kind of the others to want to or survive being around me). After we got to Sandy Cross and we had done the long climb up, I started to feel much better. When Craig got an ice cream sandwich I immediately knew that was what I wanted. Amazing how one food item can ring the bell like that. (I had my Gatorade and Morton Lite Salt mix too and that gave me what I physically needed.) I began to feel what I'd call moderately great and my average heart rate was 2 below my normal highest sustainable average at that point. I felt strong enough in the last fourth of the skate, maybe because one of the guys in the group had developed some cramps after the climb to Sandy Cross. Still, the important part for me to remember is that 3 of us have done this route much faster when taking the steady approach, and early damage takes a long time to repair. I hope you enjoy a laugh at my heart rates for the day. Note my min was 120+ at the start after all the excitement of visitors and weather and all that. It's interesting to compare the speed and heart rate maps, too. Also, note that my heart rate doesn't recover that quickly, which most consider a measure of lack of fitness. Oh well. I feel OK if I can skate almost 49 miles in hills any day, even if extremely slowly! And by the way, eebee must have been physically ill, too, or she could have. On Labor Day weekend we did 107 miles in 2 of 3 days at 10.6 mph average (not that fast, but faster than I did at the team skate). She was just too smart to keep going. My heart rate map is at this link: http://roadskater.net/photos/tour-to-tanglewood-2008-greensboro-clemmons... Thanks to all who came from faraway and nearby places to skate with us, and I hope you loved these roads I picked for you in case we needed a route sometime soon. I had a nice painful time.


United States
36° 11' 6.8604" N, 79° 47' 18.3588" W
United States
36° 19' 14.304" N, 79° 55' 14.7468" W
United States
36° 22' 2.334" N, 79° 48' 35.8776" W
Sandy Cross, North Carolina
United States
36° 21' 12.78" N, 79° 44' 47.544" W


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Ok that's not as clever as Hanna and her Skaters... Thanks for the explanation. If your brain was as fried as my scalp from baking an hour beforehand in that sweltering, humid, post-tropical downpour parking lot, then 'nuff said! I knew I should quit when (aside from seeing stars) my heart rate was at 163 standing on the side of the road, resting. You guys did an awesome job skating those lovely smooth, but steep hills in that heat.

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