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Hartwell Challenge of the Centuries, Memorial Weekend 2010

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Who's coming with me?

So to keep from backing out last minute, I went ahead and paid my registration fees for this event. (It had better not rain!)  I am doing both days, toying with the idea of doing the 64 on Saturday and the 35 on Sunday, but we will see.  It may end up being 35 on both days.  I have a giant tent, sleeps 6 if you cram in, so my question is: anybody out there joining me?

Jonathan S

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Still Not Sure on Hartwell But It Is Fun - Bring a Brake

Hey this is a great fun one that's affordable and friendly. I know there's one spot where a brake is important...after going through an open field area with a sweeping left uphill, an S at the crest and a mountain view, it goes downhill a while into a T and the road was a bit rough the last time we did it. Used up much of a brake pad on that. All else as I recall is reasonable stuff. Definitely worth doing! Great price. All events should have a tent/gym sleeping option if they can. We'll see how the fitness goes.

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