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Help! I Need an Inline Skate Shop Location and Recommendation Near Schaumburg, IL (Chicago)

My name is Mike.  I am living in Schaumburg, IL, USA. I am just in a northwest suburb of downtown Chicago.
I am new here in the forum and at roadskater.net.
I am trying to find a shop or store where they sell inline speed skates, such as Bont Semi or Luigino or Powerslide.
Can anyone help me?  I would like to know about the location of the store or shop near my place or in Chicago Downtown.
Thank you for all your help.


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Check out ThristyDog the Bobarazzi Chicago Inline Skater

Hi yuan0517:

Welcome to Roadskater.net and thanks for asking a question. We want to help people at any stage of inline skating, even just thinking about it, as I often do in Winter.

We've seen the Chicago skaters at Miami's GreatEsskate, Washington DC's SkateDC, Philadelphia's Freedom Skate and Freeskate, plus New York's Big Apple Roll, and of course, the 87-mile Athens to Atlanta Roadskate.

The ThirstyDog site mentions free braking clinics and a twice-monthly skate:

Road Rave Season is on!! Every first and third Friday we meet in Daley Plaza for a guided skate through the streets of Chicago!


ThirstyDog also carries a camera while skating so he's also called Bobarazzi, and he creates skating-inspired art as well. (ThirstyDog has linked to Roadskater.net as well...thanks!)

On his bobarazzi blogspot he writes about his skating excursions, acheiving what I often get too distracted by maps and GPS and photos and website features to actually do...write about it before I lose the flavor and scent of the day!

Overall I averaged 13.5 mph over 45 miles, that's with stopping for busy streets, stop lights and three brief water stops. That also includes almost hitting two young deer....


We'd love for you to call yourself part of the Roadskater.net team, but you'll also want to consider getting involved with Team Rainbo up in Chicago too. Our team is focused on endurance, touring, roadskating, charity and festivals, and sometimes speed of course. Team Rainbo tends to focus on shorter distances and perhaps more intense workouts too.

Team Rainbo is open to anyone who has a desire to skate. Male or female, young or old, we cater to all skill levels.


Check it out, and please report back here. We want you to teach us what you learn and share our sport with the world. Also, if you have information and experience on skating elsewhere in the world, we'd love to hear about it.

Hopefully we'll find a way to meet in person sometime at one of the festivals or races we try to attend (when we can afford travel!). Check out ThirstyDog and send him an email. He's a nice guy who wants to get more people into long distance rural and urban street touring inline skating. Tell him we said "Hi!"

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Schaumburg, IL, -- my old stompin' grounds

Welcome to the roadskater.net forum!

There is a ton of good content here that I'm sure you will find useful.  I haven't been in Schaumburg since 1989 so don't know about 'brick and mortar' stores for you to try, but this forum will certainly offer good advice and online places to check out. 

I had very good luck with Richard Nett at www.nettracing.com  His site was very informative, he sent me emails and even called me to learn more about my situation and directed me to purchases I have been very pleased with.

Let us know what you find, what works for you, didn't work for you, your skating experiences, etc.  I personally would love to learn where you skate (Lake Shore Drive, Chicago streets, organized events, suburban streets, etc.).  I used to live at the 21 Kristin Place highrise right off I-90 and Roselle Rd.  Those were the glory days.

Best of luck!

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