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Hilly Hundred 2007, Bloomington, IN

eebee's picture
2007.10.13 7:00 am
2007.10.14 3:00 pm

Danny's InlineNC write-up, after skating this Bloomington, IN, cycling event back in 2005, got me dreaming about taking part in 2006. Well I completely missed it. It was the weekend right after A2A. However, I'd like to try to make it in 2007, because the course sounds and looks outrageously hilly, and hilly = fun, right?! If you go to their homepage and click on "2005 photo contest winners" you will see what I mean about the hills. By the way, what a great idea to help promote an event: a photo competition.


Registration opens June 1st, 2007. Again, the event is going to be the weekend following A2A. In the vein of distant-future idealism, I hope to be so fit for A2A that I will have fully recovered by 6 days' time afterwards, with limitless time and money to galavant off to any skate event I want to.

Some excerpts from Danny's post-event write up:

"The Hilly Hundred in Bloomington, Indiana was much like Tanglewood but with much steeper hills. It was wonderfully well supported (like live music at every rest stop) and the route was picturesque."

"None of the participants had seen or heard of anyone skating the hilly hundred before and it's no exaggeration to say that my dad and I were celebrities on this ride. It was a lot harder than Tanglewood (my dad thinks even harder than A2A) and he decided to switch to a bike for the second day, another very hilly 50 miles, with one 20% grade."

"The most frequently asked question after the incredulous "are you seriously doing the whole thing on those?" was "how can you possibly get down those hills?". And the least frequently asked question: "Can you grind?" from a local kid spectating and pointing hopefully at a fence alongside the road. And by the way, we never asked permission to skate, but we were universally adored and gushed upon, including by event staff and police. Oh, the best was sprinting up the hills to literal cheering from all the people resting at the top. It was so inspiring that I would put everything I had into it and almost literally collapse at the top."

I did notice on one of the winning event photos from 2005 on the website, one poor soul walking their bike up a hill.  

Let's see: 3 weekends in a row 2007 - A2A, Hilly Hundred, Le Defi (Montreal) :-)


profjb2000's picture

Hilly Hundred

It is good to hear that skaters were welcome. I live 4 hours away and might give it a try next year.


dreeves's picture

and NYC 100k

Don't forget the NYC 100k the weekend before A2A. Keep me posted on whether you're doing Hilly Hundred. I'd love to do it this year. Danny

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