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Hotels Near Tour to Tanglewood Saturday FINISH Tanglewood Park Clemmons NC

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Here's a list of hotels near Tanglewood Park in Clemmons NC, at the intersection of Tanglewood Park Road and Clemmons Road. This is the finish location for Saturday's skate and ride, and the start location for Sunday.

Be sure to ask for the Tour to Tanglewood rate.

The Tour offer free camping at the finish area in the campground at Tanglewood Park. However, many make a backup reservation in case of sore muscles or rainy weather. The Tour provides free shuttle service to and from the hotels on Saturday afternoon and evening, and before the start on Sunday. It is a convenient and well-run service generally without long delays.

All of the hotels below are near the intersection of Interstate 40 and Lewisville-Clemmons Road, with Super 8 and Village Inn being on the south side of the Interstate, slightly closer to each other and to the park.

The Tour ports your gear to Clemmons to the Saturday finish line for you, and back to the Volvo Trucks North America finish line on Sunday.

Please add comments to this posting if you have stayed at one of these hotels before. The hotels are generally comparable in quality and price, with Super 8 being perhaps $5 less than the other two.

  • Village Inn Golf & Conference
    6205 Ramada Dr, Clemmons, NC
    1.9 mi NE - (336) 766-9121
  • Super 8 Motel
    6204 Ramada Dr, Clemmons, NC
    2.3 mi NE - (336) 778-0931
  • Holiday Inn Express
    6320 Amp Dr, Clemmons, NC
    2.1 mi NE - (336) 778-1500

Thanks to Google Maps for the information.

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