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How to Add your Location to the Roadskater.net Map

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Roadskater.net is for members for safety and privacy reasons, not to keep you out. Mostly it's so you won't have to see tons of spam and irrelevant content. Please see "How to join roadskater.net free" for information on joining. Once you've joined and been approved and have signed in, look in the navigation menu on the top left of the page for an entry called "my account."

  • Click "my account" then
  • Click on the "edit"  tab below your user name.
  • Click on the "Location map" tab.
    • Either click the map near where you live and use the zooming buttons on the left side to refine the location to your satisfaction,
    • Or enter an address or zip into the address window and follow the instructions there.
  • When you get the pinpoint where you want it, just hit the "Submit" button.

You don't have to put your house here if you're worried, of course. You could put where you skate or somewhere in your town or county or state or country that's close enough but not too close for comfort.

Not all users will use the map, but putting yourself on the map gives us all an idea of the reach of our community of skaters, cyclists and others who want to share a bit of life online here. Thanks!

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