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How to Blog on a News Item

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One thing some of us do on InlineNC the yahoogroup is share news items from around the world, sometimes with comments. The new roadskater.net makes this easy for you to do in your own space of the site. To get started, once signed up and signed in, look for a news item you'd like to read (as of this writing, these are along the left edge of the page toward the bottom). Click on the item and it should open in a new window so you can read the story. If the story's interesting, come back to the window in roadskater.net and click on the blue box with the lower case b in it. This opens a create content/blog entry for you so you can write about the story. Remember copyright laws and avoid copying the whole article, but it's ok to include snippets in passing if you're commenting, particularly if your content is educational in nature. I'm not a lawyer but this is how I understand it. Anyway it's nice of them to share their news, so we can send them some traffic in exchange. Remember to Preview your message (if you like) and don't forget to Submit it. Then you can Vote for your own item too! :o) OK, I hope you guys will find some news more easily and that we can share our thoughts (respectfully if in disagreement) and encourage each other along the way.
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