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How I Lost Two Afternoons Happily: Georgia Aquarium and Web Cam

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Well I held on the my sign of the beast 666 skateylove ranking long enough. It's time to let it go. What better way than to lose myself under water, sort of. An aquarium within a zoo. I'll explain.

First I was emailing eebee back and forth about some news in ATL, especially a severe weather drill that was canceled due to rain and thunderstorm possibilities! Also there was our search to find out about the odd name of a woman who had been on the news in regard to some kids in a car accident.

Then I looked around the 11Alive site and saw this link...please visit it and look at their ads and maybe click if you see one you like...

The 11alive.com georgia aquarium webcam video

After you enjoy their site, try the link below or paste the link into your browser's address window...set it to stay on top and you'll have fishies drifting by with a zoo full of humans in front being happy idiots with their flashes going off! Those humans will never learn how to use the technology they can afford! Anyway, the aquarium will sometimes be dark of course and at times will be shrouded by curtains (during times of maintenance, for example). We just need bubble sounds and echoing new age pianos to make it all a very calming place. Maybe I can set this to run on an extra computer all the time. Cheaper and less maintenance than an in-home aquarium. I wish we had cable channels that just ran this stuff all the time! No comments. No commercials. What planet am I on? How about slowly scrolling sponsor info at the bottom of the screen, but no music, just environmental sounds. Again, what planet am I on? Here's the link to try...


I went back to look at the georgia aquarium site and relive some of the really happy hours spent there a year or so ago. We found a little cubby hole window on the huge tank and sat there a long time looking and talking about it all, three of us, eebee me and willydog. It is by far the best aquarium I've ever been to and I'd go back "in a flash." While a lot of attractions are boring to at least one if not half of any family, it is hard to imagine the Georgia Aquarium being boring for anyone. I even saw a couch I thought was incredibly cool in the lounges there. We should get together a group for next Athens to Atlanta inline skate weekend!

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