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How to Post a Message on Roadskater.net

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Someone asked how to post a message on Roadskater.net, so here's a brief explanation. Once you've registered for the site...all you have to do to post a message (questions, blogs about skating, or anything really) is sign in and look at the left column for 'create'. Hover your cursor over the grey arrow and go to 'blog' or 'forum topic'. Click on that and start typing! Look below for the 'submit' button, click it and you're done.

Happy A2A everyone :-)


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Thanks for posting and pointing out issues

During Roadskater.net jersey, Tanglewood, A2A and Carolina Century season, less gets done on photos and the website. We'll see if I get time to do more soon.

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It has changed.

Sorry, Tap135! The site has changed since I wrote that, and I had actually forgotten all about having written those instructions. I see you figured it out without any further help :-). 

So just to update for anybody else who's wondering...


Click on 'create', top left (or hover for the drop-down box)

Choose 'article' & start filling it out. You don't have to put in the location but it can make an event report a bit more interesting & relevant. Right now I'm having issues with the calendar covering up some of the tag fields while I'm creating an article. But control scroll & changing the (font?) size usually fixes that problem enough.


To comment on something, look for the 'reply' button under the article.


Still confusing as there is no blog or forum topic to select

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The word blog was confusing some

So I changed blog to article. Forum is another issue for dealing with later. Thanks for posting. Good luck with the jersey swap. How's the skating going?

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Thanks, eebee, for a new

Thanks, eebee, for a new post on this help topic. This may be reorganized, but as it stands, "create" is for any kind of adding content to Roadskater.net, and "view" is for looking at what is already here.

eebee is right. Post away as simply as you like! I'll come back and clean up and tag the content.

However, if you want to help a bit more when writing your blog or forum items, include something useful in the fields for

  • tags,
  • years, and
  • places.

As you type, the tags, years or places already in the system that match what you are typing will appear (sometimes a bit slowly, yes) in a drop-down below the line where you are typing. Selecting one of those items from the drop-down list helps avoid misspellings and near duplicates. It's GREAT to create new tags, years and places, but when possible try not to create a tag that is a virtual duplicate of another. Also, tags will generally be items people would think of to search for or click on. Commas split tags and places, so we don't use a comma between a city an a state name, for example.

On a somewhat regular basis, I clean up and standardize tags, years and places, so have fun and don't worry too much about it!

The reason for tagging content is so that people can look for content by tags, years or places, and so that the site's content can be reflected in the tag cloud as it changes. (For example, at this writing, inline skating is the first or largest item in the tag cloud; that means more items have been tagged with inline skating than with any other tag.)

To see items tagged with a term in the tag cloud, just click!

There's a special area for skating questions answers technique and equipment. You can reach that area by visiting the site address http://sqate.com.

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