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How to Report an Error (Mistake, Bug) in Google Maps Navteq or Teleatlus Data

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While working on development of a route I have been using mapmyride.com and have found it very useful, but when it comes to a left off of Vernon Rd onto Sandy Cross Rd to get to the store at Sandy Cross (upon the location of which Google, Yahoo and Mapquest seem not to agree), everything goes hayougetoffomycloudwire. Part of the road is missing from the map overlay, but it's clearly visible in the satellite view (though in some sat views I can see the road blocks from some previous construction destruction. I did a bit of looking around (OK a lot) at different maps and related services, but in the end I decided I'd take my chances and report it to mapmyride and google, but then realized the place to report is to the copyright holder mentioned in the map as displayed. For the location in question (roughly 36.353776,-79.750443) the map data was from Tele Atlas... http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&hl=en&geocode=&q=&mrt=all&ie=UTF8&ll=36.... The link to report for Tele Atlus is as follows: http://mapfeedback.teleatlas.com/mapfeedback/index.php This link is for Navteq: http://mapreporter.navteq.com/dur-web-external/ Both systems seemed to be pretty useful for reporting, but Navteq had it correct already. Hope this helps. It's pretty easy to report, so hopefully the world will contribute. I reported the bug tonight/overnight so we'll see if they fix it in time for my mappage! [By the way, when adding locations to your posts on roadskater.net (please do) you can use the address often, but you can also interact with the map when making a post to zoom and locate a spot. When this isn't enough, if you care enough to fire up another window and go to maps.google.com, you can get the lat lon easily enough. At maps.google.com, click on the Google map at the point for which you want lat lon, then click the "Link" link top right in the light blue header bar above the map. That link contains several items including the zoom level at "z=14" or so, but the most important for putting a map pin on roadskater.net is the section "ll=36.353776,-79.750443" or similar. The first is latitude and the second is latitude, of course.] Check out these... Please add yourself, members... http://roadskater.net/map/user When you add a location for an event or article or post it should show up here... http://roadskater.net/map/node Sometimes this doesn't work, but when it does there is one guy on the planet who is strangely happy. Me.


United States
36° 21' 13.5936" N, 79° 45' 1.5948" W


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Reply from TeleAtlas Mapinsight and Mapmyfitness Mapmyride

 I got a reply from Tele Atlas (Mapinsight) about my report on the error in their map of Sandy Cross Road. This is a great sign! Here it is, including a link to follow up on the progress of the workflow:

Thanks for your feedback about Tele Atlas maps! We appreciate your help to identify changes and keep our maps as fresh and accurate as possible.

To check the status of your report, click this link to your Map Insight Status Page or copy and paste this text into your browser:


Tele Atlas makes updates to its maps every day, but it takes time for those changes to show up in our partners' products. Once the Map Insight Status Page indicates that your issue has been addressed at Tele Atlas, please contact your application provider to learn when the update will be available for your device or application.

Please visit the Tele Atlas web site at www.teleatlas.com to see how our database is created and maintained. Tele Atlas employs over 2,000 people in many countries around the world and uses a vast network of resources and users like you to continually update our maps. We appreciate people like you who take the time to tell us where we might need to make a change.

Please continue to help us by entering new reports here and thanks!

-  Tele Atlas

The response from the Mapmyride team was more generic and much less encouraging, since.--as I'm sure you all know--I was pretty specific with my original note to them.

Thank you for the feedback!  This site relies on users like you to feed us input like this so we can improve the overall site experience for the community. 

Please note that due to the recent high volume of feedback emails, we may be unable to answer each one individually. If you are a PREMIUM member, your response will be given priority and we will personally get back to you as soon as possible.

If you are noticing a specific problem with a route or area of the site, please email the URL (web address) of the problem area.  It will also really be helpful to include any screenshots of errors or other things you are noticing.


Thanks again.  We're always striving to better ourselves for our users so it is stuff like this that keeps us going!


The MapMyFitness Team

Since Tele Atlas is the source of info and since their reporting and tracking seem so great, I'll stick with that and not go further with the Mapmyride request. I'm sure they'll read what I sent and find it complete when a human looks at it (if ever). I look forward to finding out I've caused a map to be improved, and it will help me make maps for the Roadskater.net Carolina Century.

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