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How to Select More Than One Tag for Places, Terms, Categories

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Tags (Categories) are a great way to help others find relevant content later, depending on their learning and browsing style. While it is not readily apparent, it is simple to select more than one tag from a category list. For example, it is easy to pick Greensboro, Triad and North Carolina as three relevant tags in "places," and/or 5x84 and 3x100+84 in "terms." To multiselect on a Windows machine, hold the Ctrl key while clicking. On other machines, similar familiar keystrokes should do the job, and I imagine that if you are running mac OS or Linux, you'll know how to drive your machine. If not, our techies will fill the gap and earn some easy Skateylove with the answers, I feel certain!  


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Linux/Mozilla ok too

Hey, I didn't think to try ctrl-clicking. Works a treat on this pc (my "supercomputer") running Linux 2.6 and Moz. Thanks!

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