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How to Use Tag Clouds and Search Boxes

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You may notice on the sidebars there are some topics whose text size has grown quite a bit. These are in the "tags in..." sections, called "tag clouds."

[Update July 9, 2006: If you've clicked these tag links before, please try them again. I have finally found the errant code that was conflicting with tag clouds working as they should. You should now see only one copy of each article tagged with that tag, instead of multiples. I recjoice at this repair, even though there is still work to do to track and repair the problem with a long term happy solution. Remember also the difference between clicking tags and searching. Both are great ways of finding information, but they produce different results.]

The tag terms get larger as more posts include them in the category "tags" specified by the writer when publishing the article. So if you create an event tagged Manhattan, this will show up in th "places" tag cloud. The more items tagged with Manhattan as the place, the larger Manhattan will become, textually.

You can see a universal tag cloud here:


The idea of roadskater.net new is to give you several ways of writing or discussing or creating, and several ways of categorizing content, and several ways of finding or noticing content. Tag cloud terms are one way and they work for some people more than others, so the tags are also presented alphabetically. 

In any case, to see content tagged with a term, just click on the term in the cloud. [Also, to see a particular user's content, you may click on their name, and to see a particular kind of content, you my click on that kind of content in the view section of the navigation menu (top left).]

As we get more ways of tagging content and as I get the glossary going, we'll have other tag clouds to pick from, and this will grow organically in response to the content tagged here, so you help make it.

By the way, tagging (categorizing) is optional, but helpful when meaningful. Sometimes I don't tag an article in "places" because it's not about a place, for example.

A special note on using the search box:

When using the Search boxes (like the one at the top right of the site), please be sure to click the search button rather than typing Enter or Return. The search facility seems to work well, but does require you click the button or tab to it and press space (in my setup, at least).

Update July 9, 2006: Please note that you may use AND and OR but they should be capitalized (all caps) to have effect.

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