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How was Your 2008 NorthShore Inline Marathon?

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If you did the NorthShore Inline Marathon this year, please let us in on the who, what, when, where, how, how many, how much, and anything else you can recall! Skateylove, roadskater


Duluth, Minnesota
United States
46° 46' 44.886" N, 92° 6' 29.6748" W


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I'm a wheel sucker!

Almost 2500 skaters enjoyed the 50 degree day and a 2-3 mph tailwind, also a light fog and some mist off the lake just to set the scene. Last year it was 38 degrees with flurries and a 10 mph headwind. I cut 25 minutes off my time, now I can skate a marathon in 1:46. Next year, my goal is under 1:40. My drafting skills include wheels sucking and getting dropped (my only practice happens in races). I've got to find someone to train with. I'm already signed up for next year. I even talked my wife into skating the half marathon(finally a training partner!!)
roadskater's picture

Thanks for the Northshore Notes...More!

Hi and thanks for the response. I was afraid it might echo forever out there. Anything else you can remember from the day is great to hear, even the odd things you might think we'd relate to. You never know. I have been so busy with team and Tanglewood and photos and site that I have not read anything about it. I saw a link for a video from Eddy Matzger but haven't even looked at it (or I'd link it here). Maybe later. If you're out there wondering if we'd be interested, the answer is yes, and there are many who read that don't post, so it will be read, I assure you. Thanks again, Wayne, especially for wanting our spouse to join in, and for convincing her to go for it. Congrats on a fine marathon result, too. Some day I'll have to go give it a try. I just like my pain to last much longer and to less desperate and more wild horses dull aching in nature.
eebee's picture


Congratulations on two things: your 25 min faster marathon time, and getting your wife to sign up and skate the half next year! 2500 participants!! That's awesome. Thanks for the report!

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