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'If only you'd heard it coming' Scholarship Contest

eebee's picture

Here is just one of the many scholarships out there awarding $500 for a brief write-up: the 'If only you'd heard it coming' scholarship contest. Actually the prizes are various iPod products, cash or scholarship funds.


From the website:

"AirDrives wants to hear your story of a blunder, mishap or near miss that happened because you had on earphones that blocked out your surroundings. Maybe you were almost hit by a car while jogging, didn't hear the fire alarm going off, missed an important call, didn't hear your boss behind you in the office or some other crazy mishap..."

Speaking for myself the only embarrassment that comes to mind involves me hunched over the record player in my parents' living room in the 80s, singing aloud to Kraftwerk or something, not knowing my sister's boyfriend had been shown in and was sitting on the couch, smirking. I have never worn earphones whilst skating, walking, jogging, skateboarding, or driving. I'd say probably my most disasterous earphone-related near-misses were exacerbated by the oblivion of the earphone-wearer, who was also probably walking a dog or toddler, as I tried to pass them on skates from behind.

Ears are great! Keep 'em open :-)

Contest deadline is May 3rd, 2008


MikeB's picture

wish I heard it coming.....

Skating/Cycling to music is great, especially on solo outings, but I suppose the volume should be down a little bit more.

My most heart pumping scenario was a leisurely pedal down some back roads. It started out as a more intense ride, thanks to the GNR reverberating throughout my neurons, but when that subsided I was completely gassed so turned to something less raucous for the trip back. In hindsight I guess I should have popped in a little Hall & Oates: ooohh here she comes, look out boy she'll chew you uuuppp....oooohh ooh here she comes....she's a maaaann eeaaterrr. Because much to my surprise as I peddled past a few country homes, all of a sudden next to my right foot is a 75lb brindle pitbull looking for an ankle snack. My heart leaped to my throat, I almost lost pedal contact, and quickly found a second wind that I didn't even know existed. Since I kinda like my ankles where they are, I've changed routes—and turned the tunes down a few notches. :-)

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