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If you need energizing, watch this video!

eebee's picture

(Thanks to SkaterX for posting the link on Inline NC) 

Other than the boring cycling stuff during the first 70 seconds, this Korean Inline Speedskating Team (WISS?) video gets me jumping out of my seat and wanting to skate (fast!):




I muted it, myself, so not sure what the sound is like.


sommemi's picture

korean inline video... to Kelly Clarkson?

That's kinda funny - they skate to "Since you been gone..." by Kelly Clarkson... a US American Idol.... huh.

good video though! I like the passing drills they do... man... I wish I had a team to skate on and practice with.... I really should go back to my old speed team and see what they're up to...

eebee's picture

Quad pacelines

Yeah, Misty! Get your old speed team and drag 'em out for A2A training. It'd be so cool, seeing a quad paceline out there also. Having a group to skate with is so much more fun than skating or training alone all the time. It also makes crawling home to the couch less tempting, when others are waiting on you to practice.


Where is the nearest regular group skate to you - how many miles away?

sommemi's picture


not sure - I haven't seen any publicized around northeast ohio... lots of speed skating teams, but very few outdoor skates. I'm gonna try to look more later, but for right now, with the weather getting worse, I'm just trying to figure out what I'm gonna do about my skates and where I'm gonna skate...

If I had the time (and money for dues) I would probably get back into speed skating again just for the exercise....

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